Salve, Tergum violinae!

Gratus aut grata in Vicipaediam Latinam acciperis! Ob contributa tua gratias agimus speramusque te delectari posse et manere velle.

Cum Vicipaedia nostra parva humilisque sit, paucae et exiguae sunt paginae auxilii, a quibus hortamur te ut incipias:

Si plura de moribus et institutis Vicipaedianis scire vis, tibi suademus, roges in nostra Taberna, vel roges unum ex magistratibus directe.

In paginis encyclopaedicis mos noster non est nomen dare, sed in paginis disputationis memento editis tuis nomen subscribere, litteris impressis --~~~~, quibus insertis nomen tuum et dies apparebit. Quamquam vero in paginis ipsis nisi lingua Latina uti non licet, in paginis disputationum qualibet lingua scribi solet. Quodsi quid interrogare velis, vel Taberna vel pagina disputationis mea tibi patebit. Ave! Spero te "Vicipaedianum" aut "Vicipaedianam" fieri velle!

Paginam Wulfrunehantona iam movi. Ut videbis, post quattuor dies novis usoribus ipsis licet paginas movere ...

-- Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:58, 3 Decembris 2008 (UTC)

Shawn JohnsonRecensere

Gratis pro correctionibus tuis. "Gymnasta" autem correcta est: [1] Littera "j" est praeferentia mea, similis ad praeferentiam de orthographiâ anglicâ. Amabo te, noli recensere. -- [Jchthys]

Salve, T. Violinae. Vide id quod scripsi hic: Disputatio Usoris:Jchthys. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:29, 6 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)
Actually, I made a typo: gymnastica is correct according to the link above. If you feel that that site is correct, then please make the changes.--Jchthys 22:15, 7 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

Vale, amice !!!Recensere

Tibi gratias ago causa visitae in nova pagina episcopi Scherrer. Ecclesia Romae Sancti Aloysii Fracicorum, quia ista ecclesia, illo tempore, incolis Franciae viventibus Romae condita est.

Tibi gratias ago

Rex Momo 11:04, 21 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

Tomas Luis de VictoriaRecensere

Cur, amice, Thomas Aloysius de Victoria ad Thomas Lodovicum de Victoria motuisti? Fontem habes? Puto Aloysium et Lodovicum eadem rem esse, et multae paginae cum aloysio apud vicipaediam adsunt.--Xaverius 20:06, 30 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

Immo, "Aloysius" dat "Luigi" Italice, et "Alois" Theodisce, sed "Ludovicus" dat "Ludwig" theodisce, "Louis" Francice, "Lewis" Anglice et "Luis" Hispanice Tergum violinae 11:07, 31 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

I noticedRecensere

I noticed the redlink Categoria:Iaz on one of your pages. I have now created this category (but, I suggest, reserve it for articles about the music) and also a subcategory Categoria:Musici Iaz which, I suggest, could be used for biographical articles about composers, performers etc. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 13:12, 24 Februarii 2009 (UTC)

Galfridus BeaumontRecensere

In searching for this person's identity I found [2] of which our page reads like a straight translation. It's a small issue, since the pages are so brief, but really we ought not simply to do that: we would be breaching their copyright. If you can add some details from any other source, that would be really good. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 13:40, 18 Aprilis 2009 (UTC)


I haven't checked, but I guess the image you wanted to include on the page Sanctus Ceadda may be on en:wiki only. Unfortunately, we can't do that. To use an image seen on another wiki, you have to confirm (by clicking on the image and looking at the resulting page) that it is on :commons. We can only use Commons images. Bad luck.

It is often possible to take an image that is only on en:wiki and upload it to Commons, and then use it here. That has to be done as a separate process. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:42, 1 Maii 2009 (UTC)

There are quite a few others, so I'll try one of them.

You could also use to move images from en.wikipedia to commons. Greetings, --UV 14:51, 1 Maii 2009 (UTC)

Please sign!Recensere

It would be really helpful if you would remember to sign your messages on talk pages, TV. As you may have already ntoiced, you sometimes get confused with unknown commentators, and your point of view risks being (let's say) diluted! All you have to do is to write ~~~~ after your message. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 16:58, 4 Maii 2009 (UTC)

Exercitus SalvationisRecensere

Hi Tergum if you found a hit, could you link it in the ref., like what I did for Turones--Rafaelgarcia 15:34, 6 Maii 2009 (UTC)

Factum est - an recte nescio.Tergum violinae 18:43, 6 Maii 2009 (UTC)
Gratias. Bene fecisti, modo licet situs externi notacula ad initium requirant.--Rafaelgarcia 20:51, 6 Maii 2009 (UTC)

Tiro formulaRecensere

Hi Tergum, You seem to be misusing the tiro formula. The tiro formula is used to ward off people who would want to fix errors on a page in order to give a beginner a chance to improve the page on his own, perhaps with advice of other users. To rate latinity as "most doubtful", use the {{latinitas|-2}}. (See Formula:Tiro) Best--Rafaelgarcia 10:23, 23 Iunii 2009 (UTC)

Just a bit of "tit for tat", sonny. "Diceretur" I think you'll find is 3rd person singular imperfect passive subjunctive, even in Bradley's Arnold. Tergum violinae 13:08, 24 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
This aroused my curiosity. Evidently you've long ago forgotten this, Rafael -- you make many hundreds of edits a month -- but seven weeks ago you made this particular one [3] -- which is, I suppose, what TV refers to. But Rafael's quite right (below): the proper way to object is to do it at the time. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:08, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I don't remember that. Actually I still don't understand the sentence, even as it stands now, where it says "Favet motui republicano Hibernicum et consilium factionis, si definiendum sit, socialisticum diceretur" would mean to me "There is a favoring of the Irish republican movement, and it (Sinn Fein?) would be said/called the socialist plan of the (republican) party, if it may be defined as such" or is consilium (counsel/plan) a misspelling of concilium (council)? Lots of hanging thoughts with no resolution in sight, but perhaps someone familiar with Sinn Fein may know what it is saying. Diceretur here would seem to be offering an opinion rather than a fact, whereas an encyclopedia should state what a plan is called rather than what the editor would call it.
Regardless, this doesn't change the issue at hand, which started as "please desist in retaliatory editing" and has unfortunately morphed into something else entirely.--Rafaelgarcia 12:48, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
I'm sorry to have caused upset. It was not meant to have been done in any more than a spirit of jest. You childishly put a Latinitas - 4 tag, as well as several "dubsig"s on a perfectly good piece of latin which you are evidently still struggling to comprehend. I've been waiting for a chance to get you back, but you hardly ever start any new articles. Your response was to start throwing threats around which really is a bit stupid. "The party's policy would be called socialist (if it were to be defined)" . I had to put the apodosis in later to assist you in comprehending the conditional use of the subjunctive here. (though looking at it again, I think definiendum esset, or even definiretur, would have been better). At the risk of earning another threat, or even the threatened blocking itself, I suggest you use Bradley's Arnold as a door stop, and find a better textbook. Tergum violinae 13:34, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Tergum, if there anything childish, it is your attitude which evidently you project onto others, automatically assuming that what they do is an affront or attack to you, requiring a retaliation in response. Maybe that is the way it is where you are from, but that is not the way here. The wikpedia way is assume benevolent intent and to expect benevolence. If you can't live with that, I'm sorry. I may make mistakes, but they are honest ones, and not full of hubris.--Rafaelgarcia 14:03, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Americans... Tergum violinae 14:36, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
No. Everyone. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:43, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Curiously, amid amusingly anti-American expostulations, TV keeps deprecating Bradley's Arnold. I'm turning myself into a pretzel trying to imagine the book's author, Thomas Kerchever Arnold, headmaster of Rugby School, a character in Tom Brown's School Days, and father of Matthew ("Dover Beach") Arnold, as an American! IacobusAmor 15:08, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
No one ever claimed it was American. I think we who had to suffer its utter tedium at school find it quaintly amusing that it is evidently so highly exalted across the Atlantic. Tergum violinae 15:15, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Tergum, "Tit for tat" constitutes "intimidating behavior/harrassment" and grounds for being blocked. I very much value your contributions to our vicipaedia and hope very much that you can find it in your heart and intellect to behave, an not do anything constituting harrassment/intimidating behavior in the future. As to "deceretur" I have no idea what you are referring to; I have not recently used the word nor have I seen it.--Rafaelgarcia 13:20, 24 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Don't be pathetic. You performed an entirely ubnfantile edit to one of my articles after a disagreement elsewhere - as I am sure you remember. I have returned you the favour. I get sick, fed up and tired of you Americans throwing your weight around on every bloody internet site. I do not appreciate your threats. Tergum violinae 09:57, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
I would appreciate if you could find that "infantile edit"; otherwise, you are just being rude, and perhaps more than a bit bigotted against me just because I'm from the USA. Moreover, I have not issued any kind of "threat"; I have just reminded you that "harrassment/intimidating behavior" "tit for tat" is not allowed, which is entirely a different thing.
If you think someone's edit is "infantile" then the appropriate, adult thing to do is to inform them that the edit is inappropriate and why. Remember we are just individuals in this world and wikipedia is founded on the presumption that users benevolently work together to create an accurate encyclopedia for mankind.
You are perhaps seeing me and my actions through some sort of filter or distorting glasses and perceiving something which is not there. Check your premises.--Rafaelgarcia 10:14, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Also you may not be aware, but it may be relevant to your misperceptions, that if you are blocked on account of this issue, per our rules it wouldn't be by me, since I am involved as a party in the dispute and thus would recuse myself.--Rafaelgarcia 10:29, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
You'd just get one of your American mates to block me. You're still making threats. Tergum violinae 10:33, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
I entirely agree with Rafaelgarcia. Whatever the original dispute was about, it has been clouded over by your personal attacks, and in this sense you, Tergum violinae, and you alone, are in the wrong. By the way, I am not American, nor do I know any Americans outside Vicipaedia. I urge you to stop your personal attacks, for I wouldn't want Vicipaedia to loose a valued contributor as yourself. --Fabullus 10:38, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
Is that not a threat? Tergum violinae 11:12, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
It can't be, TV, because Fabullus isn't a magistratus and can't block you.
I suggest that we cool off. We (this is an inclusive we) are all trying to improve Vicipaedia. None of us (this is an inclusive us) is as good at Latin as we'd like to be. We've all been irritated by others telling us our text isn't as clear as we thought it was when we wrote it. Such criticisms, and the resulting discussions, need to go on happening -- we need to welcome them, in fact -- because the end result is always a better text. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:49, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)
I'd change always to usually there: helpful suggestions don't always help, even when they're intended to do so. One might say more, except that the point originally at issue isn't at hand. IacobusAmor 13:01, 26 Iunii 2009 (UTC)

Ioannes KüngRecensere

Tergum violinae, you needn't like J. Küng, but to call him "merda plenus" is no joke (and contradicts Wiki-policy)!--Utilo 19:23, 23 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)

Praeterea, bene scis te facile obstrui posse talium rerum causa, et certe obstructus eris, si quid huius modi iterum facias.--Ioscius 01:13, 25 Aprilis 2010 (UTC)
Cuius rei Ioannes Küng plenus sit, nescio profecto neque attinet ad me, sed adiectivum illud casum genitivum regere semper pro comperto habebam. Utinam bonus grammaticus essem ... Irenaeus 22:22, 15 Ianuarii 2011 (UTC)