Links and hints for new users recensere

  1. Vicipaedia:Index
  2. Vicipaedia:Legatio nostra - our embassy.
  3. Vicipaedia:Taberna - Ask your questions there.
  4. Read en:Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers.
  5. Read en:Wikipedia:First steps.
  6. Register and login instead of editing as an anonymous user.
  7. Sign your contributions on talk pages with 4 tildes (i. e. ~~~~).
  8. Vicipaedia:Auxilium pro editione (latine) (English translation: Vicipaedia:Auxilium pro editione (latine)/en)
  9. Do not use the letters J and j. (See Vicipaedia:Auxilium pro editione (latine)/en.)
  10. Avoid using ligatures like Æ and æ or Œ and œ. (See Vicipaedia:Auxilium pro editione (latine)/en.)
  11. Use Arabic numbers for years, not Roman numbers. (See Vicipaedia:Auxilium pro editione (latine)/en.)
  12. See the categories at Categoria:Omnia.
  13. Categorize articles with [[Categoria:xxxxx]]. An article can have more than one category.
  14. Use {{delenda}} if you think an article should be deleted by an administrator.
  15. Use {{maxcorrigenda}} if you want some proofreading for your contribution.
  16. Look for other users in Categoria:Usores lingua digesti.
  17. Usor:Iustinus/Translator's Guide
  18. Lexica Neolatina
  19. Vicipaedia:Fontes nominum locorum
  20. Add (internal) links to articles which are Specialis:Deadendpages.
  21. More challenging: Link from other pages to Specialis:Lonelypages (maybe using a section ==Vide etiam== there)
  22. Vocabularium
  23. Dictionarium
  24. Visit Vicipaedia:Tituli petiti if you are not sure how to name a new article.
  25. Help at Vicipaedia:Collaboratio hebdomadalis or suggest an article for collaboration of the week.
  26. Vicipaedia:Index formularum Vicipaediae Latinae
  27. Vicipaedia:Nexus intervici and Formula:Nexus desiderati
  28. Vicipaedia:Structura paginae
  29. Vicipaedia:Numeri Romani
  30. Vicipaedia:Categoriae et paginae
  31. Vicipaedia:FAQ
  32. Vicipaedia:Praefatio
  33. Vicipaedia:A est B
  34. Categoria:Paginae desideratae