Salve, Nicolae!

Gratus in Vicipaediam Latinam acciperis! Ob contributa tua gratias agimus speramusque te delectari posse et manere velle.

Cum Vicipaedia nostra parva humilisque sit, paucae et exiguae sunt paginae auxilii, a quibus hortamur te ut incipias:

Si plura de moribus et institutis Vicipaedianis scire vis, tibi suademus, roges in nostra Taberna, vel roges unum ex magistratibus directe.

In paginis encyclopaedicis mos noster non est nomen dare, sed in paginis disputationis memento editis tuis nomen subscribere, litteris impressis --~~~~, quibus insertis nomen tuum et dies apparebit. Quamquam vero in paginis ipsis nisi lingua Latina uti non licet, in paginis disputationum qualibet lingua scribi solet. Quodsi quid interrogare velis, vel Taberna vel pagina disputationis mea tibi patebit. Ave! Spero te "Vicipaedianum" fieri velle!

-- Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 13:18, 30 Decembris 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I added a comment at Disputatio:Olim Cursor. Thank you very much for your improvements to that page, which was terrible and is now much, much better. Happy New Year! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:01, 30 Decembris 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Principatus Monoeci Recensere

If my latinitas wasn't good in Principatus Monoeci, please help me to correct it, I'm not so good at latin (I've been studying it for a very few years in Italy, a country that hates the culture, as everybody knows). If you only haven't time to edit it, check it well and tell me what I can change in his structure. Thank you very much for your attention, and Ave!.

Franciesse (disputatio), Die 2 Ianuarii Anni Domini 2012

Sophophonum/Smartphone Recensere

Salve/Ave, prosperus annus tibi! Forsan, sollerterphonascum melius sit secundum Élizabeth Antébi et Marie-France Saignes in suorum blog-ibus. (gratias a Leonellum de hoc nuntio) Quod tibi videtur?

Hello Nicolaus, Happy New Year! Perhaps sollerterphonascum is better, according to Élizabeth Antébi et Marie-France Saignes in their blogs? (thanks to Leonellus for the info) How do you feel about it? Jondel (disputatio) 00:46, 4 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Novo Recensere

Greetings. :) Welcome to Vicipaedia Latina Nicolaus. Good that you contribute to the lovely Latin language. It may be a little difficult to understand the functiones in Vicipaedia Latina now in the beginning, but you'll learn after hand. The more you edit, the more you discover. Latin seem so popular nowadays that the Latin Wikipedia has more articles than many many other Wikipedias of other languages, like the modern Greek Wikipedia and the Thai Wikipedia. And Latin is not even an alive language.

Also, it would be good if you write in your user page (pagina usoris) so people can know you more connected to your Latinity. :)

Salutates, Donatello (disputatio) 13:54, 5 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC).Reply[reply]

de paginis movendis Recensere

Vide Vicipaedia:Movere. Gratias ago! --UV (disputatio) 22:16, 6 Februarii 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]