Salve, K9re11!

Gratus aut grata in Vicipaediam Latinam acciperis! Ob contributa tua gratias agimus speramusque te delectari posse et manere velle.

Cum Vicipaedia nostra parva humilisque sit, paucae et exiguae sunt paginae auxilii, a quibus hortamur te ut incipias:

Si plura de moribus et institutis Vicipaedianis scire vis, tibi suademus, roges in nostra Taberna, vel roges unum ex magistratibus directe.

In paginis encyclopaedicis mos noster non est nomen dare, sed in paginis disputationis memento editis tuis nomen subscribere, litteris impressis --~~~~, quibus insertis nomen tuum et dies apparebit. Quamquam vero in paginis ipsis nisi lingua Latina uti non licet, in paginis disputationum qualibet lingua scribi solet. Quodsi quid interrogare velis, vel Taberna vel pagina disputationis mea tibi patebit. Ave! Spero te "Vicipaedianum" aut "Vicipaedianam" fieri velle!

-- Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:34, 19 Decembris 2014 (UTC)Reply

Thanks recensere

Thanks for adding a page about NGC 2477. Keep on doing this! If you can copy across an external source (or several! but at least one) for any new page, that helps it to survive.

I made a redirect from Caldwell 71 and put the Caldwell category on the redirect page. That's what we do for multiple names of astronomical objects. It makes the Caldwell category page look more sensible (even though we can't get it in proper numerical order).

Si Anglice non loqueris -- gratias ago ob paginam NGC 2477 creatam. Perge! Si potes fontem externum citare (vel plures!) utile est. Redirectionem feci ab Caldwell 71 et categoriam Caldwell in ipsa pagina redirectionis posui. Id solemus facere quando res astronomicae nomina plura habent. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:44, 19 Decembris 2014 (UTC)Reply

Gratias, mea latina non bona est, sed fortasse ego scribere plures articulo. I'll try to remember putting sources to the articles. K9re11 (disputatio) 13:32, 19 Decembris 2014 (UTC)Reply

Coclearis recensere

I'm glad you continue to contribute on galaxies etc. You might like to join in at Disputatio:Propulsorium, where your use of this word "coclearis" was incidentally mentioned. (Or you might not -- the discussion is spiral or cochlear enough already! -- it's your choice.) Incidentally, Usor:Neander, who has taken part in that discussion, is a fellow-countryman of yours. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 21:26, 21 Decembris 2014 (UTC)Reply

I think we're all agreed that "coclearis" is best forgotten, so I have changed existing examples to "spiralis". I've looked at all your pages so far. In these short texts the only difficulty, without a knowledge of Latin, is caused by the need to use noun and adjective case endings: these are not as predictable as they are in, e.g., Finnish. But it's easy enough for someone else to correct them. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:59, 30 Decembris 2014 (UTC)Reply