Hi, and welcome to my talk page.

I am Dirk Beetstra, my main projects are en:User:Beetstra and m:User:Beetstra

My main edits here will concern editors who were performing the same (or similar) edits on more than one wikipedia.

If you want to contact me quickly:
leave a message on en.wikipedia or on meta.wikimedia
contact me on IRC

My edits here

  • My edits here will mainly be due to removal of unwanted external links and vandalism. Generally the edits I revert have been performed on a (large) number of wikimedia projects, or the info I remove has been added ('pushed') to a (large) number of wikimedia projects (hence regarding edits that were very similar in nature), and is considered generaly unhelpful.
  • If the removal concerns external links, then the removal may very well precede or follow meta blacklisting, and the removal is to prevent further disruption.
  • I will be able to provide evidence of the wide scale disruption that has been performed by the editor whose edits I revert.
  • Please note that the info on a singular wiki may seem appropriate, but the user I am handling is probably performing their edits on a large number of wikis. If you feel the edit is here appropriate, or even wanted, just revert me.

Terms I use in my edit summaries:

  • 'cross-wiki spam' or 'xwiki spam' -> a user has been adding the link(s) I am removing/reverting edit on a large number of wikipedia. The link may already be blacklisted on meta (see m:Talk:Spam blacklist).

My tools

  • I have m:Global rollback. If I use it on this wiki, I will probably be reverting something cross-wiki.
  • I am a 'bot' operator (software automatically processing wikimedia edits), running a number of bots on IRC, and some on en.wikipedia and meta.wikimedia. The majority of these bots concern 'conflict of interest' and link additions. These bots report to IRC and in that way provide me with information about cross-wiki aspects of certain editors.

General links

For more information, see my meta userpage: m:User:Beetstra.



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