Shakesperiana editio in folio prima Londinii anno 1623 divulgata est, titulo Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, histories & tragedies, published according to the true originall copies, imprimatoribus Isaaco Jaggard et Eduardo Blount. Divulgare curaverunt Ioannes Heminges et Henricus Condell. Fabularum Shakesperianarum duodeviginti textús in hoc libro primum editi sunt, scilicet:

Index rerum in hac editione complexarum
Editio in folio prima (1623); exemplar Musei Victoriae et Alberti Londinii

Fabularum duodeviginti textús, iam antea editi, in hac editione retractati sunt:

Ex hac editione omittuntur ludi duo quos Shakesperius partim tantum scripsit, Pericles, Prince of Tyre et The Two Noble Kinsmen.

Beniamini Jonson epigramma


Inter praefationes reperitur epigramma a Beniamino Jonson, aemuli et amici, ad Shakesperii honorem compositum, titulo To the memory of my beloved, the author, Mr. William Shakespeare: and what he hath left us. Jonson in his versibus Shakesperii tragoedi cum aliis scriptoribus comparationem elaborat:

... My Shakespeare, rise; I will not lodge thee by
Chaucer, or Spenser, or bid Beaumont lye
A little further to make thee a roome:
Thou art a moniment without a tombe
And art alive still while thy booke doth live
And we have wits to read and praise to give.
That I not mixe thee so my braine excuses --
I meane with great but disproportion'd Muses --
For if I thought my judgement were of yeeres
I should commit thee surely with thy peeres,
And tell how farre thou didst our Lily out-shine,
Or sporting Kid, or Marlowes mighty line.
And though thou hadst small Latine and lesse Greeke,
From thence to honour thee, I would not seeke
For names; but call forth thund'ring Eschilus,
Euripides, and Sophocles to us,
Paccuvius, Accius, him of Cordova dead,
To life againe, to heare thy buskin tread
And shake a stage ...

Ultimis verbis hic citatis eundem ludum Jonson repetit, verbis shake a stage, quo Robertus Greene usus est in opere suo Greene's Groat's Worth of Wit anno 1592 divulgato. Ibi Shakesperium novum scriptorem vituperat, An upstart crow beautified with our feathers; ibi nomine gentilicio poëtae (quod alii saepe hyphene dividebant, Shake-speare) alludit et in Shake-scene mutat (scil. "qui scaenam quassat").

Nexus externi



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