Gregorius Nuntius Corso

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Gregorius Nuntius Corso: imago
Nativitas: 26 Martii 1930; Novum Eboracum
Obitus: 17 Ianuarii 2001; Robbinsdale
Patria: Civitates Foederatae Americae


Munus: poëta, mythistoricus, scriptor
Patronus: Universitas Naropana


Sepultura: Protestant Cemetery, Rome

Gregorius Nuntius Corso (natus Gregory Nunzio Corso, 26 Martii 193017 Ianuarii 2001) fuit poeta Americanus, natu minimus circuli interioris scriptorum Aetatis Prostratae, cum Iacobo Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, et Gulielmus S. Burroughs.[1]

Monumentum Corsoanum, Romae.

Etsi Catholicus fuit, sui cineres in Coemeterio Protestante Romae sepulti sunt, ante sepulcrum Percy Bysshe Shelley depositi. Epitaphium scripsit suum, Latine sic conversum: "Spiritus est vita, qui per mortem meum sine fine fluit, sicut flumen mare fieri non timens."[2][3]


  • The Vestal Lady and Other Poems (1955, poemata)
  • This Hung-Up Age (1955, ludus)
  • Gasoline (1958, poemata)
  • Bomb (1958, poemata)
  • The Happy Birthday of Death (1960, poemata)
  • Minutes to Go (1960, poemata oculorum) cum Sinclair Beiles, Gulielmo S. Burroughs, et Brion Gysin.
  • The American Express (1961, mythistoria)
  • Long Live Man (1962, poemata)
  • There is Yet Time to Run Back through Life and Expiate All That's been Sadly Done (1965, poemata)
  • Elegiac Feelings American (1970, poemata)
  • The Night Last Night was at its Nightest (1972, poemata)
  • Earth Egg (1974, poemata)
  • Writings from OX (1979, cum colloquio a Michaele Andre conducto)
  • Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit (1981, poemata)
  • Mind Field (1989, poemata)
  • Mindfield: New and Selected Poems (1989, poemata)
  • King Of The Hill: with Nicholas Tremulis (1993, album)[4]
  • Bloody Show: with Nicholas Tremulis (1996, album)[5]


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