Volpone est ludus scaenicus a Beniamino Jonson anno 1606 scriptus. Volpone, vir dives, se morientem fingit ut eos qui hereditatem suam expectant decipiat.

Stephanus Moorer Volpone agit apud Pacific Repertory Theatre Carmel in urbe anno 2000

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Volpone : Index personarum
Beniaminus Jonson

Verba quae insequuntur vicificanda sunt ut rationibus qualitatis et Latinitatis propositis obtemperent. Quaesumus ut paginam emendes.

VOLPONE, a Magnifico.
MOSCA, his Parasite. 
VOLTORE, an Advocate. 
CORBACCIO, an old Gentleman. 
CORVINO, a Merchant. 
BONARIO, son to Corbaccio. 
PEREGRINE, a Gentleman Traveller. 
NANO, a Dwarf. 
CASTRONE, an Eunuch. 
ANDROGYNO, an Hermaphrodite. 
GREGE (or Mob). 
COMMANDADORI, Officers of Justice. 
MERCATORI, three Merchants. 
AVOCATORI, four Magistrates.
NOTARIO, the Register.
LADY WOULD-BE, Sir Politick's Wife. 
CELIA, Corvino's Wife. 
SERVITORI, Servants, two Waiting-women, etc.
Opera Beniamini Ionsonii
Titulus editionis in folio anno 1616 divulgatae

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