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Vincentius Cable: imago
Vincentius Cable: subscriptio
Nativitas: 9 Maii 1943; Eboracum
Patria: Britanniarum Regnum


Officium: Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, Member of the 57th Parliament of the United Kingdom, Member of the 55th Parliament of the United Kingdom, Member of the 54th Parliament of the United Kingdom, Member of the 53rd Parliament of the United Kingdom, Member of the 52nd Parliament of the United Kingdom, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Munus: politicus, oeconomus



Laurae: Knight Bachelor

Vincentius Cable, praenominibus plenis John Vincent sed communiter Vince Cable (Eboraci natus die 9 Maii 1943), est eruditus oeconomiae orbis terrarum et politicus Britannicus factionis liberalis democraticae.

Alumnus est Collegii Fitzwilliam apud Cantabrigienses. A die 1 Maii 1997 legatus apud Parlamentum munere populi Twickenham functus est. Factionibus Conservativa et Liberali post Comitia anni 2010 ad gubernandum consociatis, Vincentius Cable a die 12 Maii 2010 usque ad 11 Maii 2015 fuit minister a negotio, primo ministro Davide Cameron.[1]

Comitiis nationalibus die 30 Martii 2015 ab electoribus circuli Twickenham eiectus est, victrice Tania Mathias, sed die 9 Iunii 2017 iterum electus est. Die 20 Iulii 2017 Vincentius Cable sine aemulo dux factionis liberalis democraticae factus est, eo officio a Timotheo Farron renuntiato.


Iacobus Straw et Vincentius Cable die 20 Iunii 2013 colloquentes
Aung San Suu Kyi et Vincentius Cable die 22 Iunii 2012 apud domum Chathamensem disputantes
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