Thomas Elyot (Wiltoniensi Comitatu, circa 1490Carleton Comitatus Cantabrigiensis, 20 Martii 1546) fuit humanista scriptorque Anglicus aetate Renascentiae.

Thomas Elyot ab Ioanne Holpenio pictus
  • The Boke named the Governour (1531)
  • The Knowledge which maketh a Wise Man and Pasquyll the Playne (1533)
  • The Bankette of Sapience (1534)
  • The Castell of Helth (1536)
  • Latin Dictionary (1538; 2a ed., 1542; reimpressa 1545)
  • The Defence of Good Women (1540)
  • Image of Governance (1540)
  • Preservative agaynste Deth (1545), which contains many quotations from the Church Fathers
  • Isocrates, The Doctrinal of Princes (1533?)
  • Cyprianus, Cyprianus, A Swete and Devoute Sermon of Holy Saynt Ciprian of the Mortalitie of Man (1534)
  • Ioannes Picus Mirandula, Rules of a Christian Life (1534)
  • Plutarchus, The Education or Bringing up of Children (c. 1535)
  • (interprete incerto) Plutarchus, Howe one may take Profile of his Enymes (1535)



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