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Long Walk to Freedom ('Via longa ad libertatem') est liber autobiographicus a Nelson Mandela scriptus et anno 1995 prolatus.

Librem de pugna contra apartheid, vita longua in carcero et vita ut praeses Africam Australem post liberationem scripsit.


  1. Democracy meant all men to be heard, and decision was taken together as a people. Majority role was a foreign nation. A minority was not to be chushed by a majority., p. 29
  2. While I was stimulated by the "Communist Manifesto", I was exharted by "Das Kapital". But I found myself strongly drawn to the idea of classless society, which, to my mind, was simular to traditional African culture where life was shared and communal., p. 164
  3. Man's goodness is a flamethat can be hidden but never extinguished. p. 856