Henricus Rowe Schoolcraft (28 Martii 179310 Decembris 1864) fuit geographus, geologus, et ethnologus Civitatum Foederatarum, pro investigationibus culturarum Indorum Americanorum et expeditione ad fontem Mississippiae Fluminis anno 1832 effecta notissimus.

Henricus Rowe Schoolcraft, 1855.
Henricus Rowe Schoolcraft. Scalptura lignea.

Vita et educatio recensere

Natus est Schoolcraft in vico Guilderland Comitatus Albaniae Novi Eboraci, filius Laurentii Schoolcraft et Annae Barbarae (Rowe) Schoolcraft. In Collegio Unionis anno quinto decimo aetatis suae matriculavit, et deinde in Collegium Middlebury itabat. Discipulus praecipue geologiae et mineralogiae studebat. . . .

Opera recensere

  • A View of the Lead-Mines of Missouri, including Observations on the Mineralogy and Geology of Missouri and Arkansas (Novi Eboraci, 1819)
  • “Transallegania, or the Groans of Missouri,” poema (1820)
  • Journal of a Tour in the Interior of Missouri and Arkansas (1820)
  • Travels from Detroit to the Sources of the Mississippi with an Expedition under Lewis Cass (Albaniae, 1821)
  • Travels in the Central Portions of Mississippi Valley (New York, 1825)
  • “The Rise of the West, or a Prospect of the Mississippi Valley,” poema (Detroiti, 1827)
  • “Indian Melodies,” poema (1830)
  • The Man of Bronze (1834)
  • Iosco, or the Vale of Norma (Detroiti, 1834)
  • Narrative of an Expedition Through the Upper Mississippi River to Itasca Lake (Novi Eboraci, 1834)
  • “Helderbergia, or the Apotheosis of the Heroes of the Anti-Rent War,” poema (Albaniae, 1835)
  • Algic Researches, liber allegoriarum et legendorum Indorum (2 voll., 1839)
  • Cyclopædia Indianensis (solum unus numerus prolatus, 1842)
  • “Alhalla, or the Land of Talladega,” poema, nomine litterario Henry Rowe Colcraft prolatum (1843)
  • Oneota, or Characteristics of the Red Race of America (1844-5); iterum prolatus The Indian and his Wigwam (1848)
  • Report on Aboriginal Names and the Geographical Terminology of New York (1845)
  • Plan for Investigating American Ethnology (1846)
  • Notes on the Iroquois, cum relatione Sex Nationum (Albaniae, 1846; editiones auctae Novi Eboraci 1847 et 1848)
  • The Red Race of America (1847)
  • Notices of Antique Earthen Vessels from Florida (1847)
  • Address on Early American History (Novi Eboraci, 1847)
  • Outlines of the Life and Character of Gen. Lewis Cass (Albaniae, 1848)
  • Bibliographical Catalogue of Books, Translations of the Scriptures, and other Publications in the Indian Tongues of the United States (Vasingtoniae, 1849)
  • American Indians, Their History, Condition, and Prospects (Alburni, 1850)
  • Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers, 1812 to 1842 (Philadelphiae, 1851)
  • Historical and Statistical Information respecting the History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States, with illustrations by Capt. Seth Eastman
  • Scenes and Adventures in the Semi-Alpine Region of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas, liber periegesis (1853)
  • Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River in 1820, resumed and completed by the Discovery of its Origin in Itasca Lake in 1832 (1854)
  • The Myth of Hiawatha, and other Oral Legends (1856)
  • Narrative Journal of travels Through the Northwestern Regions of the United States Extending from Detroit through the Great Chain of the American Lakes to the Sources of the Mississippi River in the year 1820, ed. Mentor L. Williams (East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State College Press, 1953)
  • The Indian Fairy-Book, from Original Legends (Novi Eboraci, 1855)

Heredium et honores recensere

Permulti comitatus, lacus, oppida, flumina, viae, et aliae proprietates geographicae ex eo appellantur, inter quas:


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