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I don't know that spatium quattuor dimensionum is the best translation for "spacetime." I saw this title and assumed we were talking about four spatial dimensions. --Iustinus 21:14 oct 21, 2005 (UTC)

Why not the obvious spatium-tempus? --Mafrius 03:14 oct 22, 2005 (UTC)
It wouldn't be 'spatium-tempus' but 'spatiotempus'. In Greek it seems to be χωροχρόνος / χωρόχρονος. Why not chōrochronus ? (Still, inventing words shouldnt be something we should be doing here; it conflicts with the rule no original research. Probably better just to use ordinary words and say continuum spatii et temporis, which incidentally is what Albert Einstein called it.) —Myces Tiberinus 08:28 oct 24, 2005 (UTC)

Spatium-tempus horribile est auditu. Praeterea verbum spatii in lingua Latina et ad directiones et ad tempus pertinet. Tamen concedo nomen spatium 4 dimensionum plura significare, nam et alia spatia 4 dimensionum exstant sicut e. g. RxRxRxR. W. Bohmhammel 10 Kal Nov. 2005

Permaxime consentio Mycae. Continuum spatii et temporis sit rectum.--Ioscius 16:03, 4 Iunii 2006 (UTC)

Not being a physicist, maybe I should keep off but ... To my understanding, spacetime (or space-time) and Raumzeit are so-called dvandva-composita that, in a way of speaking, abbreviate the underlying meaning "space & time". Now, the Latin way of expressing a dvandva-compositum is spatium et tempus (cf. tres et viginti = 23 qua 3 + 20) or spatio-tempus (à la Lexicon Finnico-Latinum). Maybe the "res" should be renamed as Spatio-tempus, which would mesh with French Espace-temps, Castilian Espacio-tiempo, Catalan Espai-temps? --Neander 15:23, 25 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC) --- or Continuum spatio-temporale? --Neander 15:28, 25 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

Secundum en:Spacetime continuum, "spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single construct called the spacetime continuum."—Ergo, spacetime et spacetime continuum evidenter sunt notiones distinctissimae, nam spacetime est mathematicum continui exemplar, et continuum est res ipsa. IacobusAmor 15:40, 25 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)
Ita vero. Sed placentne ipsi termini, spatio-tempus et continuum spatio-temporale? --Neander 16:24, 25 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)

Nec spatium-tempus aut spatio-tempus, sed spatiotemporius vel spatiotemporium. Nam rādīx verbī tempor- est.

The objections above are totally right. The page name at present "spatium quattuor dimensionum" is totally wrong. Space is three dimensional. Time is not a spatial dimension.Rafael-- 07:04, 26 Iunii 2012 (UTC)
Revertere ad "Continuum spatio-temporale".