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 '''Article name''' ([[Lingua Xa|Xe]]: ''Name in own language'') is a 
 [[Rome|Roman]] custom ...

 == Section title ==
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 Section text with numbered list ...
 # first element
 # second element
 ... and some trailing text.
 This is another paragraph ...

 == Another section ==
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 Section text ...

 === Subsection ===
 This is the best section on the page.<ref>This Guy, ''This book I read'' (Place: Publisher, 2010)
 pp. 351-352.</ref>

 == Opera ==
 <!-- works by the subject, preferably in chronological order -->
 * (year) : ''Title of first work of author'' (scil. "Latin translation of title")
 * (year) : ''Title of another work of author''
 * ...
 == Notae ==
 <references />

 == Bibliographia ==
 <!-- Note: Place of publication is Latinised (if there's a Latin name): all other details
 in language of publication. Various styles are acceptable: here are two -->

 <!-- Style 1 -->
 *Author. 2009. ''Title of book.'' Locativum: Publisher.
 *Author. 2009. Title of article. ''Title of periodical'' 27:335-375.
 *Author. 2009. Title of article. In ''Title of book,'' ed. Editor. Locativum: Publisher. pp. 335-375

 <!-- Style 2 -->
 * Author, ''Title of book''. Locativum: Publisher, 2009
 * Author, "Title of article" in ''Title of journal'' vol. 27 (2008) pp. 335-375
 * Author, "Title of article" in Editor, ed., ''Title of book'' (Locativum: Publisher, 2009) pp. 335-375

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 * [[Another article]]
 * [[Another article]]: explain why it is useful if not obvious

 == Nexus externi ==
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 * [ Brief description of external page]: further text {{Ling|Language adverb}}
 * "[ Exact title of external page]": further text

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