Thomas Bailey Aldrich (natus Portu Ostii Novae Hantoniae die 1 Novembris 1836[1]; mortuus Bostoniae Massachusettae die 19 Martii 1907) fuit scriptor, poeta, criticus litterarum, et editor Americanus. Ab 1881 ad annum 1890 The Atlantic Monthly edidit. The Story of a Bad Boy, libro aliquantum autobiographico, innotuit, qui subgenus librorum "de puero malo" in litteris Civitatum Foederatarum saeculi undevicensimi constituit.[2] Etiam nonnullis poematibus innotuit, praecipue "The Unguarded Gates."[3]

Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
147 Park Avenue, Saranac Lake Novae Hantoniae. Quam domum "The Porcupine" appellavit.

Iuvenis amicus erat Edmundi Clarence Stedman, Ricardi Henrici Stoddard, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Bayard Taylor, et Gualterii Whitman.

Opera publicataRecensere

  • Daisy's Necklace: and What Came of It (1857)
  • The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (1858)
  • Out of His Head (1862)
  • Père Antoine's Date Palm (1866)
  • Pansie's Wish: A Christmas Fantasy, with a Moral (1870)
  • The Story of a Bad Boy (1870)
  • Marjorie Daw and Other People (1873)
  • Prudence Palfrey (1874)
  • The Queen of Sheba (1877)
  • A Rivermouth Romance (1877)
  • The Story of a Cat (1879)
  • The Stillwater Tragedy (1880)
  • From Ponkapog to Pesth (1883)
  • The Second Son (1888)
  • Aldrich, Thomas Bailey (1893) [1883]. An Old Town by the Sea (secunda ed.). Cantabrigiae Massachusettae: Riverside Press, H.O. Houghton & Co. 
  • Two Bites at a Cherry, with Other Tales (1894)
  • A Sea Turn and Other Matters (1902)
  • Ponkapog Papers (1903)


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