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#REDIRECT [[Magia (ars)]]
'''Magia''' potest dici:
* [[Coeleste]], res supernaturales ves religiosae sine ratione logica vel scientifica
* [[Magia (religio)]], in religio [[Neopaganismus|pagana]]] sicut [[Wicca]] et [[Stregheria]]
* [[Magia (mystica)]], ubi fautores potentia supernaturali utuntur ad res actuales mutandas
** [[Incantatio]], ubi magus carminibus aut verbis dictis hominem aut bestiam adficit aut movit
** [[Veneficium]], ubi [[potio magica|potiones magicae]] et [[venenum|venena]] creantur
** [[Maleficium (magia)]], ubi malam fortunam
*[[Magia (dolus)]], ubi per motus celeres et furtivos et animadversiones declinatas magia vera simulatur
**[[Deceptio theatralis]]
==Vide etiam==
*[[Magus (religio)]], sacerdos Zoroastrianus
*[[Magia et religio]]
*[[Magia in mundo Greco-Romano]]
*[[Cogitatio magica]]
*[[Index termini et morum magicorum]]
==In fantasy fiction==
* [[Magic (fantasy)]], a general overview of magic in works of fantasy
* [[Magic (Discworld)]], magic in the ''Discworld'' series
* [[Magic (Middle-earth)]], magic in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien
* [[Magic in Harry Potter]], magic in the works of J. K. Rowling
* [[Magik (comics)]], a character in Marvel Comics
* ''[[Magyk]]'', a book by Angie Sage
==In science and mathematics==
* [[Magic (cryptography)]], codename for U.S. intelligence obtained from cryptanalysis of Japanese transmissions during World War II
* [[Magic square]], a square of numbers with identical row, column, and diagonal sums
* [[MAGIC (telescope)]], the Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov Telescope
* [[R550 Magic]], a French-built anti-aircraft missile
* [[Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside]], a governmental website with detailed mapping and layers of the UK
* [[Magnesium injection cycle]], a design for a clean engine
* [[MAGIC (postgraduate mathematics)]], a consortium of UK University mathematics departments teaching over the Access Grid
==In games==
* ''[[Magic: The Gathering]]'', a trading card game in which participants play powerful wizards
* [[Magic (gaming)]], paranormal magic as used in games
*''[[Master of Magic]]'', a popular MS-DOS game
==In arts and entertainment==
* [[Magic (T-Connection album)|''Magic'' (T-Connection album)]], a 1977 album by T-Connection
* [[Magic (Gillan album)|''Magic'' (Gillan album)]], a 1982 album by Gillan
* Magic (album), a 1982 album by [[Paul Mauriat]]
* [[Magic (Jets album)|''Magic'' (Jets album)]], a 1987 album by The Jets
* [[Magic (Amii Stewart album)|''Magic'' (Amii Stewart album)]], a 1992 album by Amii Stewart
* [[Magic (Axel Rudi Pell album)|''Magic'' (Axel Rudi Pell album)]], a 1997 album by the German Guitar Wizard
* [[Magic (Twins album)|''Magic'' (Twins album)]], a 2004 album by Twins
* [[Magic (Bruce Springsteen album)|''Magic'' (Bruce Springsteen album)]], a 2007 album by Bruce Springsteen
* [[Magic (Pilot song)|"Magic" (Pilot song)]], a 1974 hit song by Pilot
* [[Magic (Olivia Newton-John song)|"Magic" (Olivia Newton-John song)]], a 1980 song by Olivia Newton-John
* [[Magic (The Cars song)|"Magic" (The Cars song)]], a 1984 song by The Cars
* "[[Magick Power]]", a 1987 song by the paisley underground band, [[Opal (band)|Opal]]
* [[Magic (Disco Montego song)|"Magic" (Disco Montego song)]], a 2002 song by Disco Montego
* [[Magick (song)|"Magick" (song)]], a 2006 song by the Klaxons
* Magic is a 2007 song by [[Colbie Caillat]] from her album [[Coco (album)|Coco]]
* [[Magic (Robin Thicke song)|"Magic" (Robin Thicke song)]], a 2008 song by Robin Thicke
* Magic is a 2008 song by Pussycat Dolls album Doll Domination
* [[Magic (rapper)]], a New Orleans-based rapper
* [[Magic (novel)|''Magic'' (novel)]], a novel by William Goldman made into
* [[Magic (music magazine)|''Magic'' (music magazine)]], a monthly music magazine in France
* [[Magic (film)|''Magic'' (film)]], a 1978 film starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret based on the novel
==In computing programming==
* [[Magic (programming)]], a general term for hiding complexity, as well as a UNIX command for "magically" determining unknown filetypes
** [[Deep magic]], a term for completely unknown workings in the depths of a software
** [[Black magic (programming)]], a synonym for voodoo programming, techniques which seem to work but aren't fully understood as to why they work
* [[Magic number (programming)]], an arbitrary number that has been assigned a special meaning
* "Magic", a version of the [[MUMPS]] programming language developed by [[Meditech]]
* [[Magic (software)]], a popular VLSI layout tool
* [[Magic Software Enterprises]], a software company which maintains eDeveloper
* [[ImageMagick]], a suite of imaging programs
* [[MAJC]], a multi-core, multi-threaded processor targeted at running Java code made by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s
==Among radio stations==
* [[Magic Radio]], a radio network and television channel based in the United Kingdom (disambiguation for affiliates)
* [[KZMG]] (Magic 93.1), a radio station in Boise, Idaho
* [[KMAJ-FM]] (Majic 107.7), a radio station in Topeka, Kansas
* [[WKLI]] (Magic 100), a radio station in Albany, New York
* [[WMJX]] (Magic 106.7), a radio station in Boston, Massachusetts
* [[KKMG]] (Magic 98.9), a radio station in Colorado Springs, Colorado
* [[WMGC-FM]] (Magic 105.1), a radio station in Detroit, Michigan
* [[WMGS]] (Magic 93), a radio station in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
* [[WLTB]] (Magic 101.7), a radio station in Binghamton, New York
* [[WMGF]] (Magic 107.7), a radio station in Orlando, Florida
* [[WMJJ]] (Magic 96.5), a radio station in Birmingham, Alabama
* [[WMGQ]] (Magic 98.3), a radio station in New Brunswick, New Jersey
* [[WTHZ]] (Majic 94.1), a radio station in Lexington, North Carolina
* [[WMAG|WMAG-FM]], a Greensboro, North Carolina radio station, "Magic 99.5" for a period of time in the 1980s
* [[WDYK]] (Magic 100.5), A radio station in Cumberland, Maryland
* [[KNEV]] (Magic 95.5), a radio station in Reno, Nevada
* [[DWTM]] (Magic 89.9), a radio station in Manila, Philippines
* [[Magic 1278]], a radio station in Melbourne, Australia
* [[WMJI]] (Majic 105.7), an oldies radio station in Cleveland, Ohio
* [[KKMJ|KKMJ-FM]] (Majic 95.5), an easy-listening radio station in Austin, Texas
==In basketball==
* [[Orlando Magic]], an NBA basketball team
* [[Magic Johnson]], a famous basketball player
==Magic can also mean==
* [[Magic (trade show)]], the Men's Apparel Guild in California trade show
* {{HMS|Magic}}, two ships of the Royal Navy
* Magic is the shortname for the children's animated show [[A Kind of Magic (Animated Series)|A Kind of Magic]]
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