Oldfield Thomas

biologus (1858–1929)

Michael Rogers Oldfield Thomas (natus die 21 Februarii, 1929; mortuus die 16 Iunii 1848) fuit miles Anglicus ac studiosus naturalis historiae, zoologiae, et mammalogiae.

Michael Rogers Oldfield Thomas

Opera recensere

  • Thomas, Oldfield, Catalogue of the Marsupialia and Monotremata in the Collection of the British Museum (Natural History) Dept of Zoology (1888), Taylor and Francis, London.
  • Thomas, Oldfield, The History of the Collections Contained in the Natural History Departments of the British Museum Vol. II, Separate Historical accounts of the Historical Collections included in the Department of Zoology, I. Mammals,(1906) William Clowes, London.

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