Ioannes Fischerius sive Ioannes Roffensis (lingua vernaculari John Fisher) erat presbyter Anglicus, vir doctus, cardinalis, Roffensis episcopus martyr et sanctus Ecclesiae.

Sanctus Iohannes Fischerius

Cardinalis, Episcopus, Martyr
Natus 1469
Mortuus 22 Iunii 1535
Index Sanctorum

Natus Beverlaci in Anglia 1469. Iussu Henrico VIII supplicio punitus est 22 Iunii anno 1535.

insignia episcopalia

"Nam Cantabrigiensis academia iampridem omnibus floret ornamentis, praeside Ioanne episcopo Roffensi, qui nulla in parte non egregium agit praesulem." (Erasmus Roterodamus Baroni Gulielmo Montioio - Antverpiae. Anno M.D.XIX. Calendis Maiis.)

Laudabant Sanctum Iohannem Fischerium omnes quod fuisset in Universitate Cantabrigiense vir praeclara eruditione atque doctrina ornatus. Iohannem Fischerius Senior Proctor Universitatis Cantabrigiensis (1492), "Magister Michaelhouse" (1497-1505), Divinitatis Doctor (1501), Universitatis Cantabrigiensis vice cancellarius (1501), Sanctae Theologiae Cantabrigiensis Pro Domina Margareta Lector (1502-1504), Universitatis Cantabrigiensis cancellarius (1504-1535) , confessor Reginae Angliae (1506-1509) erat. "Regina Angliae", dicta in specialis Romani Pontificis dispensatio (6 Ianuarii 1506), Margareta Richmondiae et Derbiae comitissa sive Margareta mater regis (Domina Margarita de Bello forti, mater Henrici VII Angliae regis) erat. Cum Iohanne Fischerio Margareta Richmondiae et Derbiae comitissa pia scholam in Universitate Cantabrigiense erudiendae iuventuti instituit. Fischerio vice cancellario et cancellario universitatis, magno adiumento fuit ad Margaretae Richmondiae et Derbiae comitissae propositum ad fundandum collegium Sancti Johannis Cantabrigiense et collegium Christi Universitatis Cantabrigiensis.

Episcopus Roffensis (1504-1534) firmiter denunciavit consuetudines vitiosas clerorum sed resistit contra reformationem Ecclesiae secundum doctrinas Lutheri. Sanctus Iohannes Fischerius utique scientiis et artibus favebat..

  • I. This treatyse concernynge the fruytfull saynges of Dauyd the kinge & prophete in the seuen penytencyll psalmes. Deuyded in seuen sermons, was made and compyled by the ryght reuerende fader in god Iohan Fyssher doctoure in dyuynyte and bysshop of Rochester at the exortacion and sterynge of the moost excellent princesse Margarete countesse of Rychemount and Derby, & reader to our souerayne lorde kynge Henry the .vij Londini, Wynkyn de Worde, 16 Iunii 1508;
  • II. This sermon folowynge was compyled & sayd in the cathedrall chyche of Saynt Poule Within the cyte of London by the ryght reuerende fader in god John Bysshop of Rochester, the body beynge present of the moost famouse prynce kynge Henry the .VII. the .X day of Maye the yere of our lorde god .M.CCCCC.IX. whiche sermon was emprynted at the specyll request of the ryght excellent pryncesse Margarete moder unto the saynd noble prynce and Countesse of Rycgemonde and Derby Londini, Wynkyn de Worde, 1509;
  • III. Here after foloweth a mornynge remembraunce had a the moneth mynde of the noble pryncess Margarete Countesse of Rychemonde & Darbye moder vnto Kynge Henry the .VII. & grandame to oure souerayne Lorde tha nowe is, vppon whose soule almyghty god haue mercy Londini, Wynkyn de Worde, 1509?;
  • IV. Reuerendi patris Iohannis Roffensis in Anglia episcopi, necnon Cantibrigien Academie Cancellarii dignissimi, de unica Magdalena, libri tres. Lutetiae. Badius, 22 Februarii 1519;
  • V. Eversio munitionis quam Jodocus Clichtoveus erigere molievatur adversus unicam Magdalenam. Louvain. T. Martens, 1519?;
  • VI. Johannis Fisheri Roffensis episcopi confutatio secundae disceptationis per Jacobum Fabrum Stapulensem habitae. Lutetiae. Badius, 3 Septembris 1519;
  • VII. The Sermon of Iohan the bysshop of Rochester made agayn the pernicyous doctryn of Martin luuther within the actues of the ascensyon by the assingement of the moost reuerend father in god the Lord Thomas Cardinal of Yorke & Legate ex latere from our holy father the Pope Londini, 1521? Latin translation: Cantabrigiae, 1521;
  • VIII. Convulsio calumniarum Ulrichi Veleni Minhoniensis, quibus Petrum nunquam Romae fuisse cavillatur. Antverpiae, Vostermann, 30 Octobris 1522;
  • IX. Assertionum Lutheranae confutatio. Antverpiae, M. Hillenius, 2 Ianuarii 1523;
  • X. Assertionum regis Angliae de fide catholica aduersus Lutheri Babylonicam captiuitatem defensio (Coloniae, 1525);
  • XI. Sacri sacerdotii defensio contra Lutherum. Coloniae, P. Quentell, Iunii 1525;
  • XII. A sermon had at Paulis by the commandment of the most reuerend father in god my lord legate and sayd by John the Bysshop of Rochester upon quinquagesom sonday concernynge certayne hereticks which then were abjured for holdynge the heresies of Marin Luther that famous hereticke and for kepyng and reteyning of his bokes agaynst the ordinance of the Bulle of Pope Leo the Tenthe Londini, Thomas Berthelet, 1526?;
  • XIII. De veritate corporis et sanguinis Christi in Eucharista, per reverendum in Xto patrem and dominum, D. Iohannem Roffensem episcopum, adversus Iohannem Oecolampadium (Cologne, P. Quentell, 1527);
  • XIV. De causa matrimonii serenissimi regis Angliae liber, Joanne Roffensi auctore. Alcala de Henares, M. de Eguia, Augusti 1530;
  • XV. Two fruytfull sermons on Matthew 5,20 Londini, William Rastell for P. Treveros, 28 Junii 1532;

Opera posthuma

  • XVI. Psalmi seu precationes D. Io. Episcopi Ruffensi. Item psalmi aliquot selecti ex Dauide. Coloniae, H. Alopecius?, 1544;
  • XVII. Tractatus de necessitate orandi. Londini, J. Cawood, 1560;
  • XVIII. A spirituall consolation, written by Iohn Bisshope of Rochester, to his sister Elizabeth, at suche tyme as hee was prisoner in the Tower of London. Very necessary and commodioud for all those that mynde to leade a vertuous lyfe: Also to admonishe them to be at all tymes prepared to dye, and seemeth to bee spoken in the person of one that was sodainly preuented by death With: A sermon verie fruitful, godly, and learned, vpon thys sentence of the prophet Ezachiell, Lamentationes, Carne, et Vae, very aptely applyed vnto the passion of Christ, preached vpon a good Friday, by the same Iohn Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (London, 1578?).
  • XIX. The Wayes to Perfect Religion London;

Opera collecta

  • XX. R.D.D.Ioannis Fischerii Roffensis in Anglia Episcopi Opera. Herbipoli, G. Fleischmann, 1597;
  • XXI. The English Works of John Fisher Londini, 1876;

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