Ioannes Stow (natus circa annum 1525 Londinii – ibidem mortuus die 6 Aprilis 1605) fuit rerum gestarum scriptor Anglicus.

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  • The woorkes of Geffrey Chaucer (1561)
  • Summary of English Chronicles (1565)
  • The Annales of England (1580)
  • A Survey of London (1598 et 1603)

Lege etiamRecensere

  • Barrett L. Beer: Tudor England Observed: The World of John Stow; Sutton Publishing Ltd (1998) ISBN 0-7509-1943-4
  • Ian Gadd et Alexandra Gillespie: John Stow (1525-1605) and the Making of the English Past; British Library Publishing Division (2004) ISBN 0-7123-4864-6

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  • Biographia (Anglice)
  • Biographia (Anglice)
  • A Survey of London apud British History Online
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