Wikidata Herbertus Fisher
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Herbertus Fisher: imago
Nativitas: 21 Martii 1865; Londinium
Obitus: 18 Aprilis 1940; Londinium
Patria: Britanniarum Regnum, Britanniarum Regnum


Officium: Secretary of State for Education, Member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, member of the 34th Parliament of the United Kingdom, member of the 33rd Parliament of the United Kingdom, member of the 32nd Parliament of the United Kingdom, member of the 31st Parliament of the United Kingdom, member of the 30th Parliament of the United Kingdom
Munus: politicus, Rerum gestarum scriptor, scriptor
Patronus: University of Sheffield



Genitores: Herbert William Fisher; Mary Louisa Jackson
Coniunx: Lettice Fisher
Proles: Mary Bennett


Laurae: James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Fellow of the British Academy

Herbertus Fisher, vulgo Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher seu H. A. -. Fisher (natus Londinii die 21 Martii 1865; mortuus die 18 Aprilis 1940) fuit rerum gestarum scriptor et rerum politicarum peritus Anglicus. Ab anno 1916 usque ad annum 1926 legatus apud Parlamentum Britannicum fuit.


  • 1898 : Roman Canon Law in the Church of England: six essays (Londinii: Methuen)
  • 1903 : Studies in Napoleonic Statesmanship: Germany (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1906 : The History of England from the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of Henry VIII (1485-1547) (Londinii: Longmans, Green)
  • 1908 : Bonapartism: six lectures (Oxonii)
  • 1910 : Frederic William Maitland, Downing Professor of the Laws of England; a biographical sketch (Cantabrigiae)
  • 1911 : The Republican Tradition in Europe (Londinii: Methuen)
  • 1920 : Studies in History and Politics (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1924 : Napoleon (Londinii)
  • 1927 : James Bryce, Viscount Bryce of Dechmont, O.M. (2 voll. Londinii: Macmillan)
  • 1935 : A History of Europe (3 voll. Londinii: Eyre & Spottiswoode)
  • 1939 : Pages from the Past (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1940 (praef. Lettice Fisher) : An Unfinished Autobiography

Politica et minoraRecensere

  • 1911 : "Lord Acton's Historical Work" in Quarterly review no. 428 (Iul. 1911)
  • 1911 : Political Unions: the Creighton lecture (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1914 : The War, its Causes and Issues: three addresses (Londinii: Longmans, Green)
  • 1917 : Educational Reform: an address delivered in the Whitworth Hall of the University of Manchester ... to the Associated Educational Societies (Mancunii: Manchester University Press)
  • 1918 : Educational Reform: speeches (Oxonii)
  • 1919 : Political Prophecies: an address to the Edinburgh Philosophical Society (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1919 : The Place of the University in National Life (Londinii: Oxford University Press)
  • 1921 : An International Experiment: the Earl Grey memorial lecture (Oxonii)
  • 1922 : Orthodoxy (Londinii: Lindsey Press)
  • 1924 : The Common Weal (Oxonii)
  • 1925 : The Pacification of Europe (Sheffield: J. W. Northend)
  • 1927 : Paul Valéry (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1927 : Paul Vinogradoff: a memoir (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)
  • 1928 : "The Whig Historians" in Proceedings of the British Academy vol. 14 (1928)
  • 1929 : Our New Religion (Londinii)
  • 1930 : The Bay Colony: a tercentenary address (Boston: Houghton Mifflin)
  • 1936 (cum aliis) : Essays in Honour of Gilbert Murray (Londinii: Allen & Unwin)
  • 1940 (cum aliis) : The Background and Issues of the War (Oxonii: Clarendon Press)

Ab Herberto Fisher editaRecensere

  • 1902 : Social Germany in Luther's Time, being the memoirs of Bartholomew Sastrow; translated by Albert D. Vandam, with an introduction by Herbert A. L. Fisher (Westmonasterii: Constable)
  • 1911 : The Collected Papers of Frederic William Maitland, Downing Professor of the Laws of England (Cantabrigiae)
  • 1924-1935 : The Modern World: a survey of historical forces (24 voll.)

Scripta ab aliis collectaRecensere

  • 2006 (ed. F. Russell Bryant) : The Coalition Diaries and Letters of H.A.L. Fisher, 1916-1922 (4 voll. Lampeter: Mellen)

Nexus externusRecensere


  • D. Ogg, Herbert Fisher, 1865–1940: a short biography (1947)
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