Gowin Knight (Corringham natus die 10 Septembris 1713; mortuus die 8 Iunii 1772), physicus, fuit bibliothecarius principalis Musei Britannici ab anno 1756 usque ad 1772.

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Gowin Knight: imago
Gowin Knight: imago
Nativitas: 10 Septembris 1713; Corringham
Obitus: 8 Iunii 1772; Londinium
Patria: Britannia

Anno 1745 methodum chalybis fortiter magnetizandi invenit, itaque pyxides nauticas accuratiores confecit; anno 1747 igitur numma Copley Regalis Societatis Londiniensis meruit ob "nonnulla experimenta curiosissima, magnetibus naturalibus necnon arte factis adhibitis, ab eo monstrata".[1] Iam anno 1752 classis Britannica talibus pyxidibus usa est.

  • 1754 : An attempt to demonstrate, that all the phænomena in nature may be explained by two simple active principles, attraction and repulsion: wherein the attractions of cohesion, gravity, and magnetism, are shewn to be one and the same. Londinii
  • 1758 : A collection of some papers formerly published in the Philosophical Transactions, relating to the use of Dr. Knight's magnetical bars, with some notes and additions. Londinii
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