vandalism recensere

Greetings, you seem to speak English natively so I will use that. I deleted your sperm page, and am letting you know that anything like that in the future will be result in a block. I am curious as to why you bothered to make a user page here if vandalism is your only intent. Please don't bother in the future, thanks. -- Ioscius 15:45, 16 Septembris 2012 (UTC)Reply

I'm sure you're mistaken, Iosci (I know how easy it is to misread the history). Mh7kJ has been fighting vandalism (on my user page, among other examples). The page in question was created by an anonym -- what Mh7kJ did was to mark it for deletion. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 16:14, 16 Septembris 2012 (UTC)Reply
1000 apologies, I did indeed misread. Thanks, then =] -- Ioscius 16:28, 16 Septembris 2012 (UTC)Reply
Oh, no problem (sorry for the very late reply), I also know how easy it is to misread the history, being an admin myself on two projects. :) Best regards, -Mh7kJ (disputatio) 21:54, 16 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)Reply