Disputatio:Conventus Parlamentarius Consilii Europae

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I can't help but reading "Assembly of the Parliament of the Council of Europe" out of the current lemma, and that sounds a bit silly. I suggest "Conventus Parlamentarius Consilii Europae" which would be a straightforward translation of "Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe". The adjective "parlamentarius" sounds quite right to me, and I've found it not only several times in here (e.g. Respublica parlamentaria) but also outside Vicipaedia (e.g. here and as in baro parlamentarius); however the form "parlamentaris" seems to exist as well (e.g. Legatus parlamentaris, look for the accusative in Google Books and find it confirmed (after scrolling over the German and Portuguese), so I'm open to both forms. Sigur (disputatio) 23:31, 11 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)Reply

Revertere ad "Conventus Parlamentarius Consilii Europae".