Hanc paginam, in spatio Vicipaediae nominali, oportet Latine convertere.

Gadgets are settings to enhance user experience. They consist of CSS and/or JavaScript code that is provided by administrators and can be enabled or disabled on the “Gadgets” tab of a user's preferences page.

Currently available gadgets on the Latin vicipaedia


Gadgets ad vultum Vicipaediae modificandum


A number of options is available to modify text styling. Options can be combined (but not every combination of options makes sense).

This currently only affects text in the main namespace (= in the article namespace) and on category pages, not in other namespaces (like talk pages or the Vicipaedia namespace).

When editing, please continue to abide by the rules of style currently established (see, inter alia, Vicipaedia:De orthographia) or we will get a horrible style mix.

Furthermore, the "Direct image links to Commons" and the "Reference Tooltips" gadgets are available.

There is a gadget available to preserve the selection of the character group dropdown box that appears below the editing window.

Another gadget will calculate the weighted length of an article or section (according to the rules of meta:List of Wikipedias by sample of articles) and display this value below the edit box (right below the editing tools).

There is another gadget to highlight links to disambiguation pages. After a page has been displayed, this gadget loads information on linked-to pages (which requires a certain amount of bandwidth) and highlights those that are disambiguations. A description of this gadget is available in German at de:Wikipedia:Helferlein/Begriffsklärungs-Check. Furthermore, this gadget highlights links to redirects that lead back to the current page.

Furthermore, the HotCat gadget is available, see commons:Help:Gadget-HotCat.

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