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Magnitudo imaginum recensere

Kwamikgami, on the (twelve) pages that treat the astrological signs, you've enlarged the images of the signs from 100px = upright=0.4 to the default size (250px = upright=1). Strictly speaking, there's nothing "wrong" with that, except that, in general, the layout of article often improves when extremely simple images, such as these kinds of signs, are made to print smaller than the default. (They thus look less overwhelming in relation to the words and other images.) In many of your cases, the default size makes the signs extend below the bottom of the text, and that's generally deprecated. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 12:43, 27 Novembris 2021 (UTC)

@IacobusAmor: hi, Iacobus -- sorry, I didn't see the notice that you'd written here. If you haven't fixed it already, could you provide a diff so I can be sure what you're referring to? Or even if you have -- I wouldn't want to inadvertently revert you. Kwamikagami (disputatio) 23:13, 3 Februarii 2022 (UTC)