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Salvete! Bene meridiem seu bene vesperem! Nomen mihi Iohannus est, et ego sum de Islande.

Wikipedia and meRecensere

My main project that I spend most of my time on is the Chechen Wikipedia, where I am a beureacrat and basically spent a lot of time and work building up that wikipedia, but still many projects that I have left unfinished, and even adding more. My second project is the English Wikibooks. I also was and am slightly active on the Icelandic Wikipedia, Icelandic wikibooks, Wikicommons, Meta Wiki, and Faroese wikipedia (where I am a sysop).

My goal in LatinRecensere

I want to speak Latin fluently, conversationally, with classical and to me, the only pronunciation of this beautiful language. I also plan on teaching my future wife it, and passing it on to my future children as their native and first language. I will speak Latin at home, and always talk to them in Latin, whilst they pick up Icelandic as their second language from school and the surroundings. I will then be able to change Wikipedia's latin article from "Number of native speakers: 1-3", leaving my future children the world's first native latin speakers since the 1600's. :) Nice goal, ha?

Sources I useRecensere

I used at the moment to learn latin:

  • Rosetta Stone Latin I & II (software)
  • EuroTalk Talk Now Latin (software)
  • Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency by John C. Traupman (book)

These sources are very exceptional, and all in English, except there is an Icelandic interface for "Talk Now" :) Which I find snild. ^^

Pet peeves of mine in LatinRecensere

  • I prefer to use and see Æ æ over AE ae
  • The neo-latin and vulgar latin pronunciation is stupid, really, classical latin is the only pronuncation (mega nerd alert!)
  • The use of modern words for countries and places over ancient words, with some exceptions and to an extent
  • Numbers written in the Decimal System (1 2 3 4 5) as opposed to real Latin numerals (I II III IV V) which should be used in Latin script, whilst writing it of course
  • And most of all, people who say Latin is a dead language!!!!