The Little Mermaid (pellicula 1989)

pellicula animata ab officina cinematographica Walt Disney Societas anno 1989 confecta
Sirena parva
Ronaldus Clements
Ioannes Musker
Iohannes Musker
Howard Ashman
Iohannes Musker
Ron Clements
Iohannes Christianus Andersen
Howard Ashman
Gerrit Graham
Samuel Graham
Christophorus Hubbell
Fundata in:
Sirenella ab Iohannes Christianus Andersen
Primi actores:
Jodi Benson
Pat Carroll
Samuel E. Wright
Christophorus Daniel Barnes
Kenneth Mars
Buddy Hackett
Alan Menken
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Feature Animation
Digesta ab:
Buena Vista Pictures
Dies publicandi:
17 Novembris 1989
83 minuta
Civitates Foederatae Americae
$40 million
Venditio ex theatro:

The Little Mermaid (Anglice; scilicet Latine "Sirena parva") est pellicula animata ab officina cinematographica Walt Disney Societate anno 1989 confecta et a moderatoribus cinematographicis Ronaldo Clements et Ioanne Musker scripta et ducta. Argumentum fabulam Iohanne Christiano Andersen Sirenella sequitur. Cuius pars altera, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea inscripta, die 19 Septembris 2000, et editio specialis die 3 Octobris 2006 in lucem prolata est.

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  • De The Little Mermaid in Indice Interretiali Pellicularum (Anglice)

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