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nexus in aliis linguis
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(nexus in aliis linguis)
I removed the <nowiki>{{dubcat}}</nowiki> formula since the article has got 3 categories. I put each of these 3 categories into the (parent) category [[:Categoria:Linguistica]]. These 3 categories have been shown as read links before, since they had no parent category. If [[:Categoria:Linguistica]] is not the parent category you want, you can change this like you do it with "normal" pages. A category is technically nearly the same as an article-page: Parent categories are added by putting <nowiki>[[Categoria:Name of the parent category]]</nowiki> into the category-page. Category-pages have just the feature that categorized articles (and categories) are dynamically added to the page content, when you view it. You will not see this list when you edit ("recensere") a category-page. A list of uncategorized categories you will find in list [[Specialis:Specialpages]] ("Paginae speciales"): [[Specialis:Uncategorizedcategories]] ("Uncategorized categories"). Generally ... don't worry, these are just details ... ;-) --[[Usor:Roland2|Roland2]] 22:22, 17 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)
== nexus in aliis linguis ==
I hope I understood ... you want to know how to add links to corresponding articles in other languages? The syntax is:
<nowiki>[[lang:title]]</nowiki> ... interwiki link
* http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automobil -> <nowiki>[[de:Automobil]]</nowiki>
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automobile -> <nowiki>[[en:Automobile]]</nowiki>
* http://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autocinetum -> <nowiki>[[la:Autocinetum]]</nowiki>
By convention these special external links (interwiki links) are added to the end of the article. The software diplays these entries in the left frame below "arca ferramentorum".
You do not have to add links to ''all'' other languages. If you miss some languages, there are "robots" (a piece of software) which do this work after some weeks. These robots just need a pair of languages to have a start.
If you write
<nowiki>[[:lang:title]]</nowiki> ... an "ordinary" external link (with an extra ":" before "lang")
this is not treated as an interwiki link, but as an ordinary "external link" and will not be displayed in the left frame.
* [[:de:Automobil]]
* [[en:Automobile]]
Some days ago we have got a special template ("formula") to mark articles which do not have interwiki links. See [[Vicipaedia:Nexus carentes]]. --[[Usor:Roland2|Roland2]] 08:05, 23 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)
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