Sanctus Robert Southwell (natus circa 1561 – obiit 21 Februarii 1595) iesuita, poeta et martyr Anglicus fuit.

Opera recensere

  • An Epistle of Confort, Londini, 1587.
  • The triumph over death, Londini, 1595.
  • A short rule of good life, Londini, 1596.
  • An humble supplication to Her Majestie, Londini, 1600.
  • Spiritual Exercises and Devotions of Blessed Robert Southwell (J. M. Debuck edidit), Londini, 1931.
  • The Poems of Robert Southwell S.J., (J. H. McDonald et N. P. Brown ediderunt), Oxoniae, 1967.

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