Wikidata Michael Dorn
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Michael Dorn: imago
Nativitas: 9 Decembris 1952; Luling
Patria: Civitates Foederatae Americae


Munus: actor televisificus, actor cinematographicus, actor, Dispositor cinematographicus, Gubernator aeroplani, voice actor, scriptor scaenicus, film producer

Michael Dorn (natus Lulingiae in Texia die 9 Decembris 1952) est histrio et moderator cinematographicus Americanus, qui persona Worf Clingoni in Itinere Stellari acta innotuit.



Annus Pellicula Persona Notae
1976 Rocky Apollo Creed's bodyguard (uncredited) Dorn's film debut.
1977 Demon Seed bit part (uncredited)
1985 Jagged Edge Dan Hislan
1991 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Klingon Defence Attorney (Colonel Worf)
1994 Star Trek Generations Lieutenant Commander Worf
1995 Amanda and the Alien Lieutenant Vint Made-for-TV film
1995 Timemaster Chairman
1996 Star Trek: First Contact Lieutenant Commander Worf Commander, USS Defiant
1997 Menno's Mind Simon, Menno's Friend
1998 Star Trek: Insurrection Lieutenant Commander Worf
2000 Shadow Hours Detective Thomas Greenwood
2000 The Prophet's Game Bob Bowman
2001 The Gristle Tar
2001 Mach 2 Rogers
2001 Ali Black pilot
2002 Face Value Hitman
2002 Through The Fire Michael Collins Made-for-TV film
2002 Star Trek: Nemesis Lieutenant Commander Worf
2002 The Santa Clause 2 The Sandman
2003 Shade Jack Thornhill
2003 Lessons For an Assassin Quinn
2003 The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space Sam the Bartender Straight-to-DVD film
2003 Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time Rufus 3000 (voice) Made-for-TV film
2005 Heart of the Beholder Lieutenant Larson
2005 Descent General Fielding Made-for-TV film
2005 Through the Mobieus Strip King Tor (voice)
2006 All You've Got Fire Captain Diaz Made-for-TV film
2006 A.I. Assault General Buskirk Made-for-TV film
2006 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause The Sandman
2006 Fallen Angels Taylor Made-for-TV film
2007 Fist of the Warrior Arnold Denton
2007 Night Skies Kyle
2007 The Deep Below Carl Bennett
2009 Bionicle: The Legend Reborn Mata Nui (voice) Straight-to-DVD film
2010 It's A Trap! Lieutenant Worf (voice) Straight-to-DVD film

Series televisificaeRecensere

Anni Series televisifica Persona Notae
1979–1982 CHiPs Officer Jebediah Turner (31 episodes)
1986–1987 Days of our Lives Jimmy
1987–1994 Star Trek: The Next Generation Lieutenant Worf
1991–1994 Dinosaurs Elders
1994–1997 Gargoyles Coldstone
1995–1999 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Lieutenant Commander Worf
1995–2000 The Outer Limits Pete Claridge
1996 Adventures from the Book of Virtues Apollo (one episode) voice
1996–2000 Superman: The Animated Series Kalibak and John Henry Irons (a.k.a. Steel)
1997–1999 I Am Weasel I.M. Weasel
2004–2005 Megas XLR R.E.G.I.S. Mark V and Number 14
2004–2007 Danny Phantom Fright Knight
2011– Castle Dr. Carver Burke
2012– Transformers: Prime TBA

Ludi televisificiRecensere

Annus Ludus Persona Notae
1998 Fallout 2 Marcus/Frank Horrigan
2000 Star Trek: Armada Ambassador Worf
2010 Mass Effect 2 Gatatog Uvenk
2010 Fallout: New Vegas Marcus

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  • De Michaele Dorn in Indice Interretiali Pellicularum (Anglice)