Iosephus Esmond Riddle

Iosephus Esmond Riddle (natus anno 1804 Bristoliae; mortuus 1859) fuit discipulus Aulae Sancti Edmundi Universitatis Oxoniensis, diaconus anno 1830 et postea presbyter oppidi Leckhampton Angliae, lexicographus linguae Latinae.


  • Lexicon totius Latinitatis: a dictionary of the Latin language originally compiled and illustrated with explanations in German by I. J. G. Scheller, revised and translated into English (1835)
  • A Complete English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary for the use of colleges and schools, chiefly from the German (1836; editio nona 1852)
  • The Young Scholar's English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary (1847)
  • The Natural History of Infidelity and Superstition in contrast with Christian Faith (1852: e serie "Bampton Lectures" Universitatis Oxoniensis

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