Iohannes Speed (vulgo Iohan Speed; natus anno 1551 vel 1552; mortuus die 28 Iulii 1629) fuit cartographus et rerum gestarum scriptor, primus inter Anglos atlantis tabularum geographicarum divulgator.

Tabula urbis Bedfordiae anno 1611 incisa
Tabula Sinarum anno 1626 incisa


  • 1592 : The Genealogies Recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, according to euery family and tribe with the line of Our Sauior Iesus Christ obserued from Adam to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 1595? : A direction to finde all those names expressed in that large table of genealogies of scripture, lately gathered
  • 1601? : A Description of the Civill Warres of England
  • 1611 : Historie of Great Britaine
  • 1611-1612 : The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine (4 voll. Editio Latina, 1616. Versio minuscula, 1619/1620)
  • 1616 : A Clowd of Witnesses: and they the holy genealogies of the Sacred Scriptures
  • 1627 : A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World

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