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Haec formula tabularia nomina nationum cum vexillis censet. Index datorum apud hanc subpaginam inveniri potest:

This template is used to display a small flag icon next to a wikilinked country name. It is related to the {{Vexillum icon}} and {{Vexillum civitas}} templates, but offers more options in terms of the text string displayed.

Usage recensere

{{Vexillum |country identifier|optional variant|name=alternative text string}}

  • country identifier is the common name of the country (e.g. "United States"), a common alias (e.g. "US"), or a standard country code such as those listed at ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
  • variant is an optional second parameter that can be used to display a flag variation, such as a historical flag. The list of variants for each country is documented on the appropriate template page, such as Formula:Vexillum data Britanniarum Regnum
  • alternative text string, specified by the name parameter, is used to display alternative text

Examples recensere

Wiki markup Displays Notes
{{Vexillum|Civitates Foederatae Americae}}  Civitates Foederatae Americae Note that both instances link to Civitates Foederatae Americae.
{{Vexillum|CFA}}  CFA
{{Vexillum|Britanniarum Regnum}}  Britanniarum Regnum Note that both instances link to Britanniarum Regnum.
{{Vexillum|Coniunctum Britanniae Magnae et Hiberniae Septentrionalis Regnum}}  Coniunctum Britanniae Magnae et Hiberniae Septentrionalis Regnum

See also recensere