The Catholic Encyclopedia: an international work of reference (Novi Eboraci: Appleton, 1907–1914) textus alius (Anglice)

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{{CathEnc|ID|Lemma commentationis apud The Catholic Encyclopedia|from=Q###}}

Solum parametrum "ID" necesse est (nisi est ID apud Vicidata).

Use from=Q### if you are referring to a CathEnc article whose subject is different from the Vicipaedia article. Example: In the article Religio Christiana, use {{CathEnc|03712a}} or {{CathEnc|03712a|Christianity}} for the CathEnc article about Christianity itself (Q5043), but use {{CathEnc|10499a|from=Q9159}} or {{CathEnc|10499a|Monotheism|from=Q9159}} if you would like to refer to the CathEnc article about "Monotheism" (Q9159).

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