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Types of entriesRecensere

Copied from Usor:Roland2 and edited:

Examples of Vicipaedia- and Victionarium-entries and how we might deal with them.

Type ARecensere

A "real" Victionary entry, not a "lemma" (= has NO corresponding lemma, as Type B has).

How to deal with it:

  1. Put {{move ad victionarium}} into the page.
  2. Wait until content (!) has been moved.
  3. Put template Vicipaedia:This is a Wiktionary entry into the page to "protect" it.

Type BRecensere

A "real" Wiktionary entry but has a corresponding Wikipedia entry.

Type CRecensere

A stub; looks like a Wiktionary entry because it is so short and has no entries in other Wikipedias.

Type DRecensere

Looks like a Wiktionary entry but has an entry in other Wikipedias.

  • Magisterium ... STIPULA + interwiki link
  • Os ... STIPULA + interwiki link
  • Natatio ... STIPULA + interwiki link
  • Honor ... STIPULA + interwiki link


We do not need a {{delenda}} for Wiktionary-look-alikes ... in my opinion. --Roland2 17:38, 30 Maii 2006 (UTC)

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