Formula:Systema periodicum


Hi, Yejianfei. I'm curious to know on what pages that new formula would be used. It takes up a whole page in a typical laptop window, and wouldn't easily fit on many mobile device screens. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:33, 19 Februarii 2017 (UTC)Reply

OK, while I was writing this, my question is partly answered. I see it in use at Systema periodicum‎, and I see that it has a horizontal slider bar on narrow screens. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:40, 19 Februarii 2017 (UTC)Reply
This is completely copied from the English-language version of Template:Periodic table and then translated into Latin. I don't think it can fit any mobile devices. But mobile devices can probably use Formula:Elementa chemica. --Yejianfei (disputatio) 18:42, 19 Februarii 2017 (UTC)Reply
Hello Yejianfei, please see Disputatio Formulae:Systema periodicum. --UV (disputatio) 20:11, 26 Februarii 2017 (UTC)Reply