1 - Carbo, carbonis is rightly used for both the element and charcoal, since charcoal is basically pure carbon. No point in making up new words when a perfectly good one is staring us in the face.

2 - For gaseous I would use vaporeus or spiritosus, definitely not "gaseo-us." That would definitely produce some strange inflections.

3 - In addition, the trend in chemical nomenclature is to use -ium primarily to denote metals. The one notable exception, helium, was a mistake since we inferred its existence through spectroscopy of the Sun. Instead of "hydrogenium" I'd use hydrogen, hydrogenis (-ginis?) or go further back to the Greek "maker of water" -- aquifex, aquificis?

1 - Hey, I only corrected the link from (Dioxidum carbonii) to (Dioxidum carbonis). I am not making up new words in this case.
2 - I dont remember to have written gaseous anywhere...but my memory is kinda weak. Feel free to use vaporeus instead! But I really dont know why you are writing this to me :-)
3 - I just used the convention following this web page Elementa.
-- 15:25 iun 28, 2005 (UTC)

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