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"Βούδδας" is attested in Classical sources, so in theory we could say Buddismus/Buddistica. I kow a lot of Neo-Latinists spell it with the h anyway.

For Bahá'í, I would suggest Religio Bahāīa, as it looks nicely adjectival that way, and corresponds pretty well phonetically with the Arabic name. --Iustinus 05:32 oct 3, 2005 (UTC)

Buddhistica, Buddistica, BahāīaRecensere

Dear Iustinus,

I agree about Buddistica being right, but latin sources citing Buddhism are not very usual, and as the only one I have (an extremely rare book) says "Buddhistica" with the 'h', I decided to go for the argument of autority since I'm in no position to assert anything, being new to latin. If "Buddistica" is the classical way to write it, anyone is welcome to change the article.

Also, about Bahá'í, I'm thankful for the suggestion! I was undecided, but your suggestion seems great.

Iosephus Porcarius 14:04 oct 3, 2005 (UTC)

De etymologiaRecensere

Has sententias delevi --

  • Cicero censebat vocabulum a relegendo unde, dum maturi patribus ecclesiae dicebant e "religare" unde. <ref name=LO/><!-- NOTA: The book did not give any more information. -->

-- quia

  • (a) oportet notas celatas Latine scribere (multis Vicipaedianis Anglice non loquentibus): semper si tales notas Anglice scriptas reperio, removeo
  • (b) sententiam Latinam non intellego. Fortasse scriptori oportet verbum "unde" in lexico quaerere?

-- atque addo haec --

  • (c) si Cicero aliquid de origine verbo dixerit, utile erit locum citare
  • (d) si "maturi patribus" (patres?) aliquid dixerint, utile erit nomina et locos citare. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 12:56, 6 Decembris 2013 (UTC)

Video. Gratias ago. :) -- Donatello (disputatio) 16:55, 6 Decembris 2013 (UTC).
Revertere ad "Religio".