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"Non linguisticae sed phoneticae stipula. Sed de stipulorum notis nihil scio." [Neander.]

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics—but now that Mattie has invented a nota for it, let's by all means use it! IacobusAmor 00:05, 19 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
:D I feel useful.
I'm a bit concerned, though, about Meatus vocis not appearing in Categoria:Stipulae Phoneticae ... I'm afraid I did something wrong. It was there at some point, but then it disappeared. Do you know anything about this? What I've done so far is write the code for the formula and Categoria:Stipulae Phoneticae; then I added my stipula to Vicipaedia:Stipulae. Is there a step I missed? Mattie 00:44, 19 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
I have never got to grips with this system. You could try reading the explanation by A. Mahoney at Vicipaedia:Taberna#Nova stipula desiderata, or just asking Amahoney directly, because she has evidently managed to work this out! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:47, 19 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
Hmm... Disciplinam A. 'Mahoneae' perfecte imitatus esse videor... si causam problematis non ipse invenio, eam quidem rogabo. Gratias pro tuo tempore, Andree! Mattie 21:36, 19 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
And yet "Stipulae Phoneticae" appears correctly at the foot of this page (if you have chosen to display hidden categories). What can be wrong? Another good adviser might be Usor:UV. He understands stipulae, I think ... Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:59, 20 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
This looks fine, but -- like everybody else -- I don't see why Meatus vocis isn't in the category page. Love the icon, though! I'll keep looking. A. Mahoney 12:03, 21 Septembris 2011 (UTC)

I updated the page (changed nothing, just saved), and now it is in the category list. This isn't entirely logical, I admit, but I've seen other index-type things behave this way in the past. So, congratulations to Mattie: you've made a successful stipula! A. Mahoney 14:28, 21 Septembris 2011 (UTC)

Hurray, thank you for helping out! Mattie 15:14, 21 Septembris 2011 (UTC)
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