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Tenda: despectus in urbem

Scribendo [[Fasciculus:xxxxx.ext]] imaginem potes includere, tamen melius est scribere
[[Fasciculus:xxxxx.ext|thumb|descriptio imaginis]].


[[Fasciculus:Tende vue du clocher.jpg|thumb|[[Tenda]]: despectus in urbem]]

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Vide etiam "Pinacotheca".


  • ==Pinacotheca==

Non utendum:

  • ==Pinacotheca imaginum==
  • ==Porticus imaginum==
<!-- ==Pinacotheca== -->
Fasciculus:Bad aibling sebastianik.png|Ecclesia Sancti Sebastiani
Fasciculus:Bad aibling klein venedig.png|Parva Venetia
Fasciculus:Bad aibling glonn.png|Flumen Glonn 
Fasciculus:Bad aibling rosenheimer str.png|Innere Rosenheimer Straße

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Vide Vicipaedia:Imagines imponere.

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  1. en:Wikipedia:Picture_tutorial#Thumbnailing: Because different people work to different screen resolutions, your preferred size of thumbnails can be set in Specialis:preferences under "files".

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