The Poet at the Breakfast-Table (Gosse)

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"The Poet at the Breakfast-Table" est carmen privatum quod Edmundus Gosse anno 1877 in epistula Augustino Dobson missa includit. Titulum sumpsit e dialogo "The Poet at the Breakfast-Table" ante quinque annos ab Oliver Wendell Holmes scripto; Gosse autem minime de rebus moralibus sed de ientaculo ipso cantat:

In rose-lit air and light perfume,
The well-appointed breakfast-room
Delights us as we tread the stair;
... The loaves are beautiful and fair
(As Wordsworth puts it), crust and crumb ...


  • Evan Charteris, The Life And Letters Of Sir Edmund Gosse (Novi Eboraci: Harper, 1931) pp. 99-100

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