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:#The actual Greek declension seems to be Nom. ''halōs'', gen. ''halō'' or ''halōos'', dat. ''halō'' (Iota subscript normally being ignored in Latin transcription), acc. ''halō'', ''halōn'', ''halōa'', nom/acc pl. ''halōs''
:#The similar word ''Athōs'' is declined thus in Latin: Nom. ''Athōs'', gen. ''Athō'' or ''Athōnis'', dat. ''Athō'', acc. ''Athō'', ''Athōn'', ''Athōnem'', voc. ''Athōs'', Abl. ''Athōne'' (at least according to Gildersleeve and Lodge)
:While these two paradigms seem to be largely in agreement, I would point out that the actual ''locus classicus'' for this word mentions that the pure Latin equivalent is ''corona''. Now, assuming that you are talking about the glory around an eclipsed sun, we still call that a "corona" in English. If, on the other had, you are talking about the radience around a holy person's head, I beleive the usual Latin word is actually ''nimbus''. --[[Usor:|]] 19:31, 15 Martii 2006 (UTC)
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