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(Nova pagina: '''Vox falsa''' (Italice: ''falsetto,'' diminutivum verbi ''falso'' 'falsus') est vox opere alta, praecipue vox cantans opere expressa quae ambitui vocali fere uno [[octavus|octavo]...)
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In Western falsetto singing, the singer tries to make the transition between registers as smooth as possible. In Hawaiian-style falsetto, the singer emphasizes the break between registers. Sometimes the singer exaggerates the break through repetition, as a [[Yodeling|yodel]]. As with other aspects of Hawaiian music, falsetto developed from a combination of sources, including pre-European Hawaiian chanting, early Christian hymn singing and the songs and yodeling of immigrant cowboys during the Kamehameha Reign in the 1800s when cowboys were brought from Mexico to teach Hawaiians how to care for cattle. Falsetto may have been a natural and comfortable vocal technique for early Hawaiians, since a similar break between registers called "''ha'iha'i''", is used as an ornament in some traditional chanting styles.{{Fact|date=December 2007}}
There is a difference between the modern usage of the "head voice" term and its previous meaning in the renaissance as a type of falsetto, according to many singing professionals. The falsetto can be coloured or changed to sound different. It can be given classical styling to sound as male classical [[countertenor]]s make it sound, or more contemporary as is the case in modern R&B music(<ref name="jtone">Justin Timberlake: 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' by Christy Lemire - Associated Press - Sept. 11, 2006 - ''Timberlake's falsetto layering on top of one other as the songs build to their crescendos.'' [http://www.azcentral.com/ent/music/articles/0911timberlakerev.html link]</ref>[[Frankie J]] for example). It can be made in different tonalities as is often the case of its use in progressive rock (for example, [[Roger Meddows-Taylor]], [[Matt Bellamy]] of the band [[Muse (band)|Muse]]), heavy metal (for example, [[King Diamond]] of [[Mercyful Fate]]), and especially [[power metal]] (for example, [[Michael Kiske]] of [[Helloween]]). [[Chris Martin]] of the [[Alternative rock|alternative]] band [[Coldplay]], also uses falsetto. . . .-->
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