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== Termini statistici (statistical terms) ==
I am a statistician. A word for statistics does not even exist in classical Latin and in Latin medii aevi. There are only (partly stupid) synomyms or circumlocutions. However, there exists a Taiwanian-Chinese statistical magazine, named ''Statistica Sinica''.
So I suggest
*''statistica'' = statistics (the corresponding scientific area in mathematics)
*''statisticus'' = statistical (adjective)
*''statisticus???'' = statistician
What is a mathematician in Latin? The word pattern of statistics should be analogous to it.
Statistica should also be a category name.
The next most important word is the mean (average) (Germanice: Mittelwert, Durchschnitt), hard to find in a lexicon, the most famous
German-Latin Lexicon Georges writes: "plurimus minimusque numerus", which is not useful. A word that is similar to medium is not possible as we need it for the median. I suggest to view the picture of the symbol <math>\bar x</math> which has a bar over the ''x''. A latin word for bar could be linea or tignum although this corresponds more to timber (Balken, Bauholz). I suggest
*''tignarius'' sive ''tignarius numerus'' = mean, average,
where ''tignarius numerus'' means that number that belongs to the tignum (timber). The term ''tignarius'' is also adequate because the mean is indeed the most important or at least one of the most important timbers in statistics. Besides, the mean can also be interpreted as the x-balance point of equal weights put down on the x-achses, which of course looks like a small bar or timber (tignum). So the tignarius numerus could be interpreted as the balance point of the tignum; it belongs as an important part of the tignum, where the x-values are located, to the tignum itself; belonging to the tignum means "tignarius,-a,-um". In Germany we also say "x quer", the Englishmen or Americans perhaps "bar x". So, do you agree with the term "tignarius" for "mean"? Another suggestion I have is
*''aequans'' sive ''aequans numerus'' = mean, average, i.e. the compensating (equalizing) number
To understand the difference between the mean and the median, have a look at the five numbers: 8, 6, 2, 4, 100. The mean of these values is (8 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 100) / 5 = 24, but the median is 6, the "middlest" number after having ordered them. The term "medium" for the latter number only means the mid, but the value in the mid, the middlest value, should simply be called "medius numerus" or in abbreviated form ''medius'', ergo:
*''medius'' sive ''medius numerus'' = median
The standard deviation is very important in statistics. What means standard in Latin? I ask for suggestions to the following terms:
*''??? deviatio'' = standard deviation
*''???'' = variance (variation would be a more abstract word as variance, which is a defined measure)
*''???'' = sample (Germanice: Stichprobe)
*''mensura, (vel modus?, modulus?) '' = (Germanice: Maßzahl), measure in sense of "the median is another ''measure'' as the mean"
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