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[[Fasciculus:Tradition-Warner-Highsmith.jpeg|thumb|300px|[[Olin Levi Warner]], ''Traditio'' (1895). [[Tympanum (architectura)|Tympanum]] [[aes|aeneum]] supra principale aditum [[Aedificium Thomae Jeffersonii|Aedificii Thomae Jeffersonii]] [[Bibliotheca Congressionalis|Bibliothecae Congressionalis]], [[Vasingtonia (DC)|Vasingtoniae]] [[Districtus Columbiae]].]]
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[[Fasciculus:Venezia carnevale 16.jpg|thumb|[[Vestimentum|Vestimenta]] translaticia in [[carnelevarium|carnelevario]] [[Venetia]]no exhibita.]]
'''Traditio''' sive '''traditus''' est [[consuetudo]] vel [[memoria]] translaticia, quae a maioribus per aetates posteris tradita est. .<ref name="Green1997">{{cite book|author=Thomas A. Green|title=Folklore: an encyclopedia of beliefs, customs, tales, music, and art|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=S7Wfhws3dFAC&pg=PA800|accessdate=5 FebruaryFebruario 2011|year=1997|publisher=ABC-CLIO|isbn=978-0-87436-986-1|pages=800–}}.</ref>
== Notae ==
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