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Hi! Some years ago (in 2008) I received a picture about a [[:en:most-perfect magic square|most-perfect magic square]] from the [[:en:Parshvanath|Parshvanath]] [[:en:Jain|Jain]] temple in [[:en:Khajuraho|Khajuraho]] named '''Chautisa Yantra'''. According to [[:en: magic square#India|magic square#India]] <sup>Magic Squares and Cubes By William Symes Andrews, 1908, Open court publish company</sup> the square is more then thousand years old / from the 10th-century. There is an additional text above the square. '''done''' <s>I hope to receive a translation and/or additional details about this text from contributors on languages from India.</s><br />
'''[[testwiki:most-perfect magic square]]''' provides transliterations for a dozen of [[:en:ISO 15924#List of codes|ISO 15924]] scripts as Arab, Armn, Armi, Beng, Cyrl, Cyrs, Deva, Grek, Gujr, '''Guru''', Hani, Hans, Hant, Hebr, Jpan, Knda, Kore, Latn (including Roman numerals and binary), Lepc, Maya, Mlym, Mymr, PhnxlPhnx, Orya, Runr, Sinh, Syrc, ‎Syre, ‎Syrj, ‎Syrn, Taml, Telu, Tibt, Xsux and maybe some more. The wiki source code can be used for articles / stubs in languages using these scripts. Fonts are not optimized and all comments are welcome at the '''test''' subdomain page at [[testwiki:most-perfect magic square]]. Thanks for all your efforts in advance! lɛʁi ʁɑjnhɑʁt (Leri Reinhart)
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