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Dave Oosterhuis
[[Usor:Dr Ostorius|Dr Ostorius]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Dr Ostorius|disputatio]]) 01:15, 27 Februarii 2015 (UTC)
:Oh, it's you, Dr Ostorius! And it's the Spokane people! That's very good. I was afraid the students mentioned by Ryan would turn out to be another group, who appeared about the same time, whose contributions were much more difficult to improve. You are all welcome to continue to ask questions here (or at the talk pages of the articles you are working on). I am travelling for the next 2 days and am not on line so much, but others will of course help too. I am sure Lucretius will repay your attentions when you get to him. You probably already know this, but if you happen to start any new pages you need to save them from being classed "Non stipula" so as not to waste your work: you can check the minimum requirements for a page by looking at [[Formula:Non stipula]]. Half-done pages can be marked by authors with [[Formula:In progressu]] (which asks for patience) or [[Formula:Succurre]] (which invites help). <font face="Gill Sans">[[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew]]<font color="green">[[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby| Dalby]]</font></font> 11:43, 27 Februarii 2015 (UTC)