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|poptime = '''308,745,538'''<ref>{{cite press release|title=U.S. Census Bureau Announces 2010 Census Population Counts – Apportionment Counts Delivered to President|url=http://2010.census.gov/news/releases/operations/cb10-cn93.html |publisher=[[United States Census Bureau]]|date=December 21, 2010|accessdate=November 23, 2012| archiveurl= http://web.archive.org/web/20101224044247/http://2010.census.gov/news/releases/operations/cb10-cn93.html| archivedate= December 24, 2010 | deadurl= no}}</ref><br><small>[[2010 United States Census]]</small>
|regions = [[United States]] {{nbsp|6}} {{formatnum:{{data United States | Poptoday }} }}<ref name="POP">{{cite web|url=http://www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.html|publisher=U.S. Census Bureau|title=U.S. POPClock Projection}} Figure updated automatically.</ref><br /><small>current population estimates</small>
|region1 = [[Mexico]]
|pop1 = 738,100–1,000,000
|ref1 = <ref>[http://www3.inegi.org.mx/sistemas/TabuladosBasicos/LeerArchivo.aspx?ct=27409&c=27302&s=est&f=2 People live in Mexico, INEGI, 2010]</ref><ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.overseasvotefoundation.org/files/counting%20american%20civilians%20abroad.pdf |title=These are our Numbers: Civilian Americans Overseas and Voter Turnout |last1=Smith |first1=Dr. Claire M. |date=August 2010 |work=OVF Research Newsletter |publisher=Overseas Vote Foundation |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=Previous research indicates that the number of U.S. Americans living in Mexico is around 1 million, with 600,000 of those living in Mexico City. }}</ref>
|region2 = [[Canada]]
|pop2 = 316,350–1,000,000
|ref2 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www12.statcan.ca/census-recensement/2006/dp-pd/hlt/97-562/pages/page.cfm?Lang=E&Geo=PR&Code=01&Data=Count&Table=2&StartRec=1&Sort=3&Display=All&CSDFilter=5000 |title=Ethnic origins, 2006 counts, for Canada, provinces and territories - 20% sample data |author= |date=June 10, 2010 |work=Statistics Canada |publisher=Government of Canada |accessdate=February 17, 2013 |quote=Ethnic origins Americans Total responses 316,350 }}.</ref><ref>{{cite news |title=Tax amnesty offered to Americans in Canada |author=Barrie McKenna |location=Ottawa |url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/personal-finance/taxes/tax-amnesty-offered-to-americans-in-canada/article4372266/ |newspaper=The Globe and Mail |date=June 27, 2012 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=There are roughly a million Americans in Canada – many with little or no ties to the United States. }}</ref>
|region3 = [[Philippines]]
|pop3 = 300,000
|ref3 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2794.htm |title=U.S. Relations With the Philippines |author= |date=September 10, 2012 |work=Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs |publisher=[[United States Department of State]] |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=There are an estimated four million Americans of Philippine ancestry in the United States, and more than 300,000 U.S. citizens in the Philippines. }}</ref>
|region4 = [[Israel]]
|pop4 = 200,000
|ref4 = <ref>{{cite news |title=Need an appointment at the U.S. Embassy? Get on line! |author=Daphna Berman |url=http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/need-an-appointment-at-the-u-s-embassy-get-on-line-1.237816 |newspaper=Haaretz |date=January 23, 2008 |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=According to estimates, some 200,000 American citizens live in Israel and the Palestinian territories.}}</ref><ref>{{cite news |title=In vitro babies denied U.S. citizenship |author=Michele Chabin |location=Jerusalem |url=http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/story/2012-03-19/in-vitro-citizenship/53656616/1 |newspaper=USA Today |date=March 19, 2012 |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=Most of the 200,000 U.S. citizens in Israel have dual citizenship, and fertility treatments are common because they are free. }}</ref>
|region5 = [[United Kingdom]]
|pop5 = 139,000–197,143
|ref5 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171776_277619.pdf |title=Population by Country of Birth and Nationality Report, August 2012 |author= |date=August 30, 2012 |publisher=[[Office for National Statistics]] |accessdate=December 11, 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite news |title=The UK's foreign-born population: see where people live and where they're from |author=Simon Rogers |url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/may/26/foreign-born-uk-population |newspaper=[[The Guardian]] |date=May 26, Maii 2011 |accessdate=February 17, 2013 |quote=County of birth and county of nationality. United States of American 197 143}}</ref>
|region6 = [[Liberia]]
|pop6 = 160,000
|region7 = [[Costa Rica]]
|pop7 = 130,000
|ref7 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2019.htm#relations |title=Background Note: Costa Rica |author= |date=April 9, 2012 |work=Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=Over 130,000 private American citizens, including many retirees, reside in the country and more than 700,000 American citizens visit Costa Rica annually. }}</ref>
|region8 = [[South Korea]]
|pop8 = 120,000–158,000
|ref8 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://seoul.usembassy.gov/acs_service.html |title=U.S. Citizen Services |author= |work=[[Embassy of the United States, Seoul|Embassy of the United States Seoul, Korea]] |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=This website is updated daily and should be your primary resource when applying for a passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, notarization, or any of the other services we offer to the estimated 120,000 U.S. citizens traveling, living, and working in Korea. }}<br/>{{cite news |title=North Korea propganda video depicts invasion of South Korea, US hostage taking |agency=Agence France-Presse |url=http://m.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/north-korea-propganda-video-depicts-invasion-of-south-korea-us-hostage-taking/story-fnd11ay0-1226603593729 |newspaper=[[The Advertiser (Adelaide)|Advertiser]] |date=22 March 2013 |accessdate=23 March 2013 |quote=According to official immigration figures, South Korea has an American population of more than 130,000 civilians and 28,000 troops. }}</ref>
|region9 = [[France]]
|pop9 = 100,000
|ref9 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://france.usembassy.gov/us-france-americans.html |title=Americans in France |author= |work=[[Embassy of the United States, Paris]] |publisher=United States Department of STate |accessdate=December 11, 2012State |quote=Today, although no official figure is available, it is estimated that over 100,000 American citizens reside in France, making France one of the top 10 destinations for American expatriates. }}</ref>
|region10 = [[Germany]]
|pop10 = 99,600
|region11 = [[China]]
|pop11 = 71,493
|ref11 = <ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.stats.gov.cn/english/newsandcomingevents/t20110429_402722638.htm | title=Major Figures on Residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Foreigners Covered by 2010 Population Census | publisher=National Bureau of Statistics of China | date=April 29, 2011 | accessdate=April 29, 2011| archiveurl= http://web.archive.org/web/20110514214156/http://www.stats.gov.cn/english/newsandcomingevents/t20110429_402722638.htm| archivedate= May 14, 2011 | deadurl= no}}</ref>
|region12 = [[Brazil]]
|pop12 = 70,000
|region13 = [[Hong Kong]]
|pop13 = 60,000
|ref13 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/outofdate/bgn/hongkong/191071.htm |title=Hong Kong (10/11/11) |author= |date=October 11, 2011 |work=Previous Editions of Hong Kong Background Note |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 11, 2012 |quote=There are some 1,4001400 U.S. firms, including 817 regional operations (288 regional headquarters and 529 regional offices), andet plus overquam 60,000 American residents in Hong Kong. }}</ref>
|region14 = [[India]]
|pop14 = 60,000
|ref14 = <ref>{{cite news |title=Many Americans, Unfazed, Go On Doing Business in India |author=Barry Bearak |author2=Seth Mydans |url=http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/08/world/many-americans-unfazed-go-on-doing-business-in-india.html |newspaper=New York Times |date=June 8, 2002 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=The number of Americans living in India is often estimated at 60,000. }}</ref>
|region15 = [[Australia]]
|pop15 = 56,276
|region16 = [[Japan]]
|pop16 = 51,321
|ref16 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.ipss.go.jp/p-info/e/psj2008/PSJ2008-10.pdf |title=Table 10.1 Registered Foreigners by Nationality: 1950-2006 |year=2008 |work=Ministry of Justice, . Annual Report of Statistics on Legal Migrants |publisher=National Institute of Population and Social Security Research |accessdate=December 11, 2012}}.</ref>
|region17 = [[Italy]]
|pop17 = 50,000
|ref17 = <ref>{{cite news |title=High cost of living crush Americans' dreams of Italian living |location=Positano, Italy |author=Kelly Carter |url=http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/2005-05-09-italy-expats_x.htm |newspaper=USA Today |date=May 17, 2005 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=Nearly 50,000 Americans lived in Italy at the end of 2003, according to Italy's immigration office. }}</ref>
|region18 = [[Saudi Arabia]]
|pop18 = 40,000
|ref18 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.saudicommercialoffice.com/saudi.html |title=SAUDI-U.S. TRADE |work=Commerce Office |publisher=[[Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.|Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C.]] |accessdate=February 14, 2012 |quote=Furthermore, there are approximately 40,000 Americans living and working in the Kingdom. }}</ref>
|region19 = [[Argentina]]
|pop19 = 37,000
|region21 = [[Bahamas]]
|pop21 = 30,000
|ref21 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/outofdate/bgn/bahamas/196082.htm |title=Bahamas, The (01/25/12) |author= |date=January 25, 2012 |work=Previous Editions of Panama Background Note |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 29, 2012 |quote=The countries share ethnic and cultural ties, especially in education, and The Bahamas is home to approximately 30,000 American residents. }}</ref>
|region22 = [[Lebanon]]
|pop22 = 25,000
|ref22 = <ref>{{cite news |title=U.S. family: Get us out of Lebanon |author=Kate King |url=http://articles.cnn.com/2006-07-18/world/stranded.family_1_beirut-lebanon-bombing?_s=PM:WORLD |publisher=CNN |date=July 18, 2006 |accessdate=February 14, 2012 |quote=About 350 of the estimated 25,000 American citizens in Lebanon had been flown to Cyprus from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut by nightfall Tuesday, Maura Harty, the assistant secretary of state for consular affairs, told reporters. }}</ref>
|region23 = [[Panama]]
|pop23 = 25,000
|ref23 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/outofdate/bgn/panama/121368.htm |title=Panama (03/09) |author= |date=March 2009 |work=Previous Editions of Panama Background Note |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote= About 25,000 American citizens reside in Panama, many retirees from the Panama Canal Commission and individuals who hold dual nationality. }}</ref>
|region24 = [[New Zealand]]
|pop24 = 17,751
|region26 = [[Chile]]
|pop26 = 12,000
|ref26 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/outofdate/bgn/chile/107713.htm |title=Chile (07/08) |author= |date=July 2008 |work=Previous Editions of Chile Background Note |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=The Consular Section of the Embassy provides vital services to the more than 12,000 U.S. citizens residing in Chile. }}</ref>
|region27 = [[Taiwan|Republic of China]]
|pop27 = 10,645
|ref27 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://sowf.moi.gov.tw/stat/year/y06-08.xls |title=06-08 外僑居留人數 Foreign Residents |author= |year=2011 |work=National Immigration Agency, MOI. |publisher=Department of Statistics, Ministry of the Interior |accessdate=December 17, 2012}}.</ref>
|region28 = [[Bermuda]]
|pop28 = 8,000
|ref28 = <ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.state.gov/outofdate/bgn/bermuda/192173.htm |title=Bermuda (12/09/11) |author= |date=December 9, Decembris 2011 |work=Previous Editions of Bermuda Background Note |publisher=United States Department of State |accessdate=December 29, 2012 |quote=An estimated 8,000 registered U.S. citizens live in Bermuda, many of them employed in the international business community. }}</ref>
|region29 = [[Kuwait]]
|pop29 = 8,0008000
|ref29 = <ref>{{cite news |title=Americans in Kuwait: When To Go? |author=Tatiana Morales |url=http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500202_162-539477.html |newspaper=CBS News |date=August 2, 2009 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=There are about 8,0008000 Americans who live in Kuwait. }}</ref>
|langs=Primarily [[American English|English]], but also [[Spanish language in the United States|Spanish]] and [[Languages of the United States|others]]
|rels = [[Christianity in the United States|Christian]] ([[Protestantism in the United States|Protestantism]], [[Catholic Church in the United States|Catholicism]], and [[Mormonism]])<ref name="PFRPL2008" /> <br>[[Irreligion in the United States|Unaffiliated]] ([[agnosticism]] and [[atheism]])<ref name="PFRPL2008" /> <br> Various non-Christian religions ([[American Jews|Judaism]] and [[Religion in the United States#Others|others]])<ref name="PFRPL2008">{{cite web |url=http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/report-religious-landscape-study-full.pdf |title=U.S. Religious Landscape Survey |author=Luis Lug |coauthors=Sandra Stencel, John Green, Gregory Smith, Dan Cox, Allison Pond, Tracy Miller, Elixabeth Podrebarac, Michelle Ralston |date=FebruearyFebruario 2008 |work=Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life |publisher=[[Pew Research Center]] |accessdate=February 12, 2012}}.</ref>
[[Fasciculus:Albert Einstein Head.jpg|thumb|[[Albertus Einstein]], Americanus: in [[Regnum Virtembergiae|Regno Wirtembergiae]] anno [[1979]] natus, ex [[1940]] [[civitas in Civitatibus Foederatis|civis Civitatum Foederatarum]].]]
'''Americani,'''{{FD<ref>"Documents: The Diocese of Baltimore in 1818: Archbishop Maréchal's Account to Propaganda, October 16, 1818," ''Catholic Historical Review'' 1 (1916): 440 et passim.</ref}}> vel '''populus Civitatum Foederatarum,''' sunt [[civitas in Civitatibus Foederatis|cives]], [[habitatio perennis (Civitates Foederatae)|habitantes perennes]], et [[Indi Americani]] [[Civitates Foederatae|Civitatum Foederatarum]].<ref>{{cite web |url=http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/American?q=American |title=American |author= |work=American English |publisher=Oxford University Press |accessdate=[[25 Octobris]] [[2013]] |quote=of, relating to, or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants:}}.</ref><ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/american |title=American |author= |work=Dictionary |publisher=Merriam-Webster, Incorporated |accessdate=[[25 Octobris]] [[2013]]}}.</ref> Notio etiam comprehendit quosdam singulos qui nationales [[Civitates Foederatae|Civitatum Foederatarum]] habentur.<ref>http://travel.state.gov/law/citizenship/citizenship_781.html</ref> [[Civitas]] est domus hominum ex variis [[natio]]nibus ortorum. Ergo, Americani eorum [[nationalitas|nationalitatem]] non cum [[ethnos|ethnicitate]], sed cum [[civitas|civitate]] coniungunt.<ref>Judith N. Shklar, [http://books.google.com/books?id=8n829DOw1PMC&lpg=PA4&dq=American%20nationality%20citizenship&pg=PA3#v=onepage&q=American%20nationality%20citizenship&f=false ''American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion,''] The Tanner Lectures on Human Values (Cantabrigiae: Harvard University Press, 1991, ISBN 978-0-674-02216-49780674022164), 3–4.</ref><ref>Richard Slotkin (2001), [http://wesscholar.wesleyan.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1028&context=div2facpubs "Unit Pride: Ethnic Platoons and the Myths of American Nationality,"] ''American Literary History'' 13(3):469–498: "But it also expresses a myth of American nationality that remains vital in our political and cultural life: the idealized self-image of a multiethnic, multiracial democracy, hospitable to differences but united by a common sense of national belonging.</ref><ref>Klaus Eder et Bernhard Giesen, [http://books.google.com/books?id=lL-FiY6xhfUC&lpg=PA26&dq=%22American%20nationality%22%20citizenship&pg=PA25#v=onepage&q=%22American%20nationality%22%20citizenship&f=false ''European Citizenship: Between National Legacies and Postnational Projects''] (Oxoniae: Oxford University Press, 2001, ISBN 978-0-19-924120-09780199241200), 25–26: "In inter-state relations, the American nation state presents its members as a monistic political body-despite ethnic and national groups in the interior."</ref><ref>William Petersen, Michael Novak, et Philip Gleason, [http://books.google.com/books?id=7Mkxdz_3d-oC&lpg=PA62&vq=To%20be%20or%20to%20become%20an%20American&pg=PA62#v=snippet&q=To%20be%20or%20to%20become%20an%20American&f=false ''Concepts of Ethnicity''] (Cantabrigiae: Harvard University Press, 1982, ISBN 978-0-674-15726-29780674157262), 62: "To be or to become an American, a person did not have to be of any particular national, linguistic, religious, or ethnic background. All he had to do was to commit himself to the political ideology centered on the abstract ideals of liberty, equality, and republicanism. Thus the universalist ideological character of American nationality meant that it was open to anyone who willed to become an American."</ref> Praeter [[Americani Nativi in Civitatibus Foederatis|Americanos Nativos]], plerumque omnes Americani aut eorum [[immigratio ad Civitates Foederatas|maiores immigraverunt]] per [[saeculum|saecula]] [[quinque]] praeterita.<ref>Morris P. Fiorina et Paul E. Peterson (2000), ''The New American Democracy'' (Londinii: Longman, 2000), 97. ISBN 0-321-07058-50321070585.</ref>
Contra eius compositionem multiethnicam,<ref name="DD">J. Q. Adams et Pearlie Strother-Adams, ''Dealing with Diversity'' (Sicagi: Kendall/Hunt, 2001, ISBN 0-7872-8145-X078728145X).</ref><ref name="Society in Focus">William Whompson et Joseph Hickey, ''Society in Focus'' (Bostoniae: Pearson, 2005, ISBN 0-205-41365-X020541365X).</ref> [[cultura]] communiter a plurimis Americanis habita [[praecipuum flumen]]<!--mainstream--> [[cultura Civitatum Foederatarum|culturae Americanae]] appellatur, [[cultura Occidentalis]] plerumque ex memoriis immigrantium [[Europa Septentrionalis|Europaeorum Septentrionalium]] et [[Europa Occidentalis|Occidentalium]].<ref name="DD"/> Praeterea adsunt effectus [[cultura Africoamericana|culturae Africoamericanae]].<ref>Joseph E. Holloway, ''Africanisms in American Culture,'' ed. 2a (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2005), 18–38. ISBN 0-253-34479-40253344794.</ref><ref>Fern L. Johnson, ''Speaking Culturally: Language Diversity in the United States'' (Thousand Oaks Californiae, London, et New Delhi: Sage, 1999), 116. ISBN 0-8039-5912-50803959125.</ref> Expansio ad [[occidens|occidentem]] [[populus Ludovicianus Creole|Creoles]] et [[Acadia|Acadianos]]<ref>[[Anglice]]: ''Cajuns.''</ref> [[Ludoviciana]]e et [[Hispani Americani|Hispanos]] meridioccidentis [[continens|continentis]] accommodavit, et Americanos cum [[cultura Mexici]] arte conexit. [[Immigratio]] inusitate magna [[saeculum|saeculis]] [[saeculum 19|undevicensimo]] et [[saeculum 20|vicensimo]] ab [[Europa]] [[Europa Meridiana|Meridiana]] et [[Europa Orientalis|Orientali]] varios [[mos|mores]] et alia elementa culturae introduxit. Immigratio ex [[Asia]]<!--nexus rectus: Historia immigrationis Asianoamericanae-->, [[Africa]], et [[America Australis|America Australi]] etiam effectus habuit. Vel culturalis [[olla liquefactionis]] vel pluralistica [[cratera acetariorum (notio culturalis)|acetariorum cratera]], homines Civitatum Foederatarum distinctas [[cultura]]e proprietates [[cogitatio]]ne celebrant et commutant.<ref name="DD"/>
Praeter Civitates Foederatas proprias, Americani et homines originis Americanae in paene omnibus [[civitas|civitatibus]] [[tellus|orbis terrarum]] inveniri possunt. A tribus ad septem milliones Americanorum in civitatibus alienis [[habitatio|habitare]] aestimantur, quandam [[diaspora Americana|diasporam Americanam]] componentes.<ref>{{cite news |title=A Growing Trend of Leaving America |author=Jay Tolson |url=http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2008/07/28/a-growing-trend-of-leaving-america |newspaper=[[U.S. News & World Report]] |date=July 28, Iulii 2008 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=Estimates made by organizations such as the Association of Americans Resident Overseas put the number of nongovernment-employed Americans living abroad anywhere between 4 million and 7 million, a range whose low end is based loosely on the government's trial count in 1999. }}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url=http://www.aaro.org/about-aaro/6m-americans-abroad |title=6.32 million Americans (excluding military) live in 160-plus countries. |author= |publisher=Association of Americans Resident Overseas |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=The total is the highest released to date: close to 6.32 million. }}</ref><ref>{{cite journal |last1= |first1= |last2= |first2= |year= |title=The American Diaspora |journal=[[Esquire (magazine)|Esquire]] |volume= |issue= |pages= |publisher=Hurst Communications, Inc. |doi= |url=http://www.esquire.com/features/american-diaspora-1008 |accessdate=December 17, 2012 |quote=he most frequently cited estimate of nonmilitary U. S. citizens living overseas is between three and six million, based on a very rough State Department calculation in 1999--and never updated. }}</ref> <!--PLUS IN EN:--> <!--
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===Diaspora Americana===
* [[Amerasiani]]
* [[Americoaustralianus]]
* [[Americobrasilianus]]
* [[Americoliberianianus]]
* [[Americomexicanus]]
* [[Americoneozelandensis]]
* [[Canadiani originis Americanae|Americocanadianus]]
===Commentarii cognati===
* [[Americani Hispanici et Latini]]
* [[Americani Septentrionales in Tsilia]]
* [[Americanus hyphenatus]]
* [[Emigratio ex Civitatibus Foederatis]]
* [[Ethnicitas Americana]]
* [[Immigratio ad Civitates Foederatas]]
* [[Rassismus ethnicitas in Civitatibus Foederatis]]
* [[Stereotypi Americanorum]]
* [[Studia Americana]]
* [[Ancestry of the people of the United States]] -->
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