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== Opera ==
*1593: ''A Discourse of Horsemanship''
*1595: (editor) [[Iuliana BernersBarnes]], ''The Gentleman's Academy''
*1595: ''The most Honorable Tragedy of Sir Richard Grinvile''
*1595: ''The Poem of Poems, or Syon's Muse''
*1596: ''Poem of Poems''
*1597: ''Devoreux, Virtue's Tears''
*16001598: ''TheA TearesHealth ofto the BelovedGentlemanly Profession of Servingmen''
*1600: ''Tears of the Beloved, or The Lamentation of St John''
*1601: ''Mary Magdalene's Tears''
*1601: ''Mary Magdalen's Lamentations for the Loss of her Master''
*1607: ''Cavelarice, or The English horseman''
*1607-1613: ''The English Arcadia''
*1607: ''The Most Famous History of Mervine''
*1607: ''Rodomonth's Infernal''
*1608: ''The Dumb Knight'' (cum [[Ludovicus Machin|Ludovico Machin]])
*1609: ''The Famous Whore''
*1613: ''[[The English Husbandman]]''
*1615: ''[[The English Housewife]]''
*1617: ''Hobson's Horse-Load of Epistles''
*1622: ''Herod and AntipaterAntipas: a Tragedy'' (cum [[Gulielmus Sampson|Gulielmo Sampson]])
*1624: ''Honor in his Perfection''
*16251624: ''Soldier'sHonour in his AccidencePerfection''
*1625: ''The Soldier's Accidence''
*1634: ''The Art of Archerie''
*''Farewell to Husbandry''
* Michael R. Best, ed., ''Gervase Markham: The English Housewife''. Toronto: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1986. ISBN 0-7735-0582-2
* Frederick Noel Lawrence Poynter, ''A Bibliography of Gervase Markham, 1568?-1637''. Oxonii: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1962
* Matthew Steggle, "Markham, Gervase (1568?–1637)" in ''Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'' (Oxonii: Oxford University Press, 2004) [http://www.oxforddnb.com.ezproxy.londonlibrary.co.uk/view/article/18065 situs venalis]
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