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[[Image:Pauly-Wissowa 3 retouched.jpg|thumb|''Real-Enzyklopädie'' (''RE'', 1893–1980) cum editione anteriori (1837–1864)]]'''''Paulys Real-Enzyklopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft''''' (voluminibus prioribus ''Real-Encyklopädie''; communiter '''''Pauly–Wissowa''''' et '''''RE''''') est [[encyclopedia]] rerum classicarum, [[Theodisce]] scripta, directoribus [[Georgius Wissowa|Georgio Wissowa]] et [[Conradus Ziegler|Conrado Ziegler]] inter annos [[1894]] et [[1980]] edita.
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'''''Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft''''' , commonly called the '''''Pauly–Wissowa''''' or simply '''''RE''''', is a [[German language|German]] [[encyclopedia]] of [[classical antiquity|classical]] scholarship. With its supplements it comprises over eighty volumes.
[[Image:Pauly-Wissowa 3 retouched.jpg|thumb|right|The Realencyclopädie (''RE'', 1893–1980) fills an entire bookcase in the library of the [[University of Göttingen]]'s Seminar for Classical Philology. At the lower right are eight volumes of the encyclopedia's earlier edition (1837–1864).]]
[[Image:Der Neue Pauly.jpg|thumb||160px|right|''Der Neue Pauly'']]
== Index voluminum ==
The first volume was published by [[August Pauly]] in 1839. Pauly died in 1845, his work unfinished; Christian Waltz and [[Wilhelm Teuffel]] completed it in 1852. This first edition was six volumes. A second edition was worked on from 1861 and 1866, but never finished.
In 1890 [[Georg Wissowa]] started on a new and more ambitious edition. He expected to be done in 10 years, but the last of its 83 volumes did not appear until 1978, and the index volume came out in 1980.
Each article was written by a recognized specialist in the relevant field, but unsurprisingly for a work spanning three generations, the underlying assumptions vary radically with the age of the article. Many early biographies were written by [[Friedrich Münzer]].
==List of Volumes==
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* Band X, Halbband 20, Ius Liberorum-Katochos (1920)
* Band XI, Halbband 21, Katoikoi-Komödie (1921)
* Band XI, Halbband 22, Komogrammateus-Kynegoi + Register ofvoll. I-X & Suppl. I-III (1922)
* Band XII, Halbband 23, Kynesioi-Legio (1924)
* Band XII, Halbband 24, Legio-Libanon (1925)
* Band XIV, Halbband 28, Mantikles-Mazaion (1930)
* Band XV, Halbband 29, Mazaios-Mesyros (1931)
* Band XV, Halbband 30, Met-Molaris lapis + Register ofvoll. I-XV, IA-IVA & Suppl. I-V (1932)
* Band XVI, Halbband 31, Molatzes-Myssi (1933)
* Band XVI, Halbband 32, Mystagogos-Nereae (1935)
* Band XXII, Halbband 44, Praefectura-Priscianus (1954)
* Band XXIII, Halbband 45, Priscilla-Psalychiadai (1957)
* Band XXIII, Halbband 46, Psamathe-Pyramiden + Register ofvoll. I-XXIII, IA-VIIIA & Suppl. I-VIII (1959)
* Band XXIV, Halbband 47, Pyramos-Quosenus (1963)
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* Supplementband XV, Acilius-Zoilos (1978)
==Der Kleine Pauly and Der Neue Pauly==
The price and size of Pauly–Wissowa have always been daunting, and so between 1964 and 1975 the [[J. B. Metzler’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung]] put out '''''Der Kleine Pauly''''' in five volumes.
An updated version called '''''Der Neue Pauly''''', consisting of 18 volumes (although only 15 volumes were planned) and an index, appeared gradually from 1996 to 2003. Since 2004 supplement volumes also appear (7 are planned). An English edition, [[Brill’s New Pauly]]: "Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World", was published in 2006, with a chronological supplement in 2007.
The index to ''Pauly–Wissowa'' is available on [[CD-ROM]].
==See also==
* ''[[A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities‎]]''
* [[Apopudobalia]]
* ''[[Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines]]''
* August Pauly, Georg Wissowa, Wilhelm Kroll, Kurt Witte, Karl Mittelhaus, Konrat Ziegler, eds. ''Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft: neue Bearbeitung,'' Stuttgart: J. B. Metzler, 1894–1980.
* Hubert Cancik, Helmuth Schneider, eds., ''Der neue Pauly. Enzyklopädie der Antike. Das klassische Altertum und seine Rezeptionsgeschichte'', Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 2003, 11611 pages. ISBN 3-476-01470-3.
* Hubert Cancik, Helmuth Schneider, Manfred Landfester, Christine F. Salazar, eds. ''Brill’s New Pauly: Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World'', [[Brill Publishers]], 2006. ISBN 90-04-12259-1.
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* [http://de.wikisource.org/wiki/Paulys_Realencyclop%C3%A4die_der_classischen_Altertumswissenschaft ''RE'' atpartim Germanapud WikisourceVicifontem Theodiscam oblata]
* [http://www.der-neue-pauly.de/ Metzler info about ''Der Neue Pauly''], der-neue-pauly.de
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